August 27, 2009

rest in peace beautiful

today we put my girl, mr. bo jangles, to sleep. she has been sick for a while, she suffered a stroke and had been deteriorating ever since. it was a heinous experience but thankfully she is no longer miserable.

rest in peace beautiful.....

August 18, 2009

idea, amazingness and tacky tuesday all in one

my friend j posted about her grandmother's gorgeous silver. seriously, this stuff is beautiful. well it gave me an idea....i was given my great grandmother's dishes about a year ago and j's post made me want to share.

the color is slightly awkward but those are the dishes. i love them. they are from the 20's and that's really all i know. they make a beautiful table - i used them at my birthday.

how amazing is this??

i got it last weekend. it's blue glass and it's from thailand and it's amazing.

speaking of last weekend....i went to the fabulous getty villa for the first time. it was so beautiful. if you are ever in los angeles you must go visit. it is an absolutely gorgeous museum and has some incredible art.


minoan seal

gorgeous tiled fountain

view of the villa from the pool

and now for tacky tuesday.....drum roll please

ok so obviously this is tacky but what's even better is that you can purchase this shirt (and other wonderfully tacky ones) at sunshine and company.

maybe i will wear one with my kate gosselin wig for halloween. that would just be the tackiest of the tacky. in fact it might be too much.

August 5, 2009

chap stick

i (like my sissy) spend a lot of time looking for the right chap stick. i used to have an amazing one and they took it off the market. it was mint flavored carmex and it tasted amazing and provided incredible protection. since the carmex was no longer an option, i switched to blistex lip renewal (or something like that). well, i ran out and was at the drug store to get a new one and i came across lypsyl...

i'm kind of in love. it has a good minty flavor, comes in a good sized tube and is light and not sticky. i think it's working well too. i've only been using it for about a week but so far so good.

hope everyone is having a wonderful week. two more work days and it's the weekend!! what are you doing for the weekend? anything exciting??

August 4, 2009

it's tuesday......

and you know what that means......TACKY TUESDAY!

this one is stellar. i must say that when i saw this i almost fell over. it is just tack tack tacky.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, that would be the kate gosselin wig. i have a feeling it is going to be heinously popular this halloween. the question is whether or not she gets some of the sales profits. i hate her and refuse to give her my money. i don't know if i have discussed this before, but i do not watch the show. i think she is a fame whore and i think she pimps out her kids for her own personal gain. hello, book tour?!? the woman wants a talk show. she's not right. but, back to the wig, if she doesn't get money from sales i would totally buy one and dress up as her for halloween. it would be amazing.

come back next tuesday for another exciting edition of tacky tuesday at the shiny penny.