February 28, 2009


happy saturday blog universe! hope you like my new look. it is temporary but it feels better than the christmas. i love christmas but it was getting to be a bit ridiculous that my blog was still chrismafied in almost march. hopefully i will have a new pretty blog design soon (hint hint sissy).

anyhoo....there are some things in life that are seriously unacceptable: colored leopard print, sharon stone dressing like a 19 year old, mullets and mom jeans. there is just no excuse. the other day i saw a woman in mom jeans and yesterday i saw a guy with a mullet. not ok.

took this the other day

February 23, 2009

pre-oscar fun

so this weekend - prior to the oscars i had some serious fun. first, my friend j and i went down to marina del rey and had lunch and took some pictures on the pier. i love how some of them turned out so check out below to see them.

in addition to the cool things we saw some not-so-cool things. first i saw this guy that i will call purple douche. look at his shorts, his t-shirt and his hat. he just screams douchebaggery.

while out picking up coffee the other day i saw this wonderful man. now, he was over 6 feet tall and he was essentially wearing purple booty shorts. totally inappropriate but obviously hilarious.

saturday night my two friends and i went out to a bar at a hotel. this hotel happened to be where the weinstein pre-oscar party was. it was amazing. there were people everywhere and it was a beautiful hotel. the party was upstairs and obviously guarded but we happened to have the best seat in the house. our table was in the corner facing the hotel driveway so we saw every person get out of their car and get back into their car. it made for some great moments. but the best part came when we were coming back from the bathroom and mickey rourke was leaving. he was kind enough to stop and take a picture so my friend and i both got one. i told him how much i enjoyed the wrestler so he 'choked' me in my photo. it's pretty great. and little did i know that shortly before the photo mickey had won the independent spirit award for best actor. if only he had won an oscar too.

February 22, 2009

and the oscar goes to.........

warning: please enjoy carefully, this post is hot.

oh my god! it's oscar sunday. this day is seriously my third favorite day of the year behind my birthday and christmas. and this was especially fantastic because the movies and the acting were unparalleled. so many movies this year transcended boundaries, languages and cultures and made people open their eyes to new and different things. and obviously the acting was ferocious.

let's recap the big winners first, shall we?

best actor - sean penn, milk
best actress - kate winslet, the reader
best supporting actor - heath ledger, the dark knight
best supporting actress - penelope cruz, vicki christina barcelona
directing - slumdog millionaire
best picture - slumdog millionaire
original score - slumdog millionaire
original song - jai ho, slumdog millionaire
animated feature - wall-e
costume design - the duchess
adapted screenplay - slumdog
original screenplay - milk

by the way, in our oscar pool i only got minus 4. 4! i am so proud of myself. and the only significant one was best supporting actress. i loved penelope cruz but didn't think she was going to win so i chose marisa tomei but lo and behold, pene won. the others that i missed were original song, foreign language film, and sound editing. and i also actually saw almost all the nominated films. it really was a fantastic oscars and now we must talk about the other important part of the oscars - the fashion! let's go.......

we'll start with the biggies.........

kate winslet was gorgeous as always. i loved her dress. i thought it was beautiful and interesting and fit her perfectly. her stylist is a genius and deserves a severe raise for dressing her amazingly well this entire awards season. she has looked flawless at each and every event she has attended. i also loved how when kate received her oscar she was talking about how she always wanted one and talked about practicing her speech with a shampoo bottle in the mirror and then goes, "it's not a shampoo bottle now." she is just so classy and beautiful and such an amazing actress.

brad and ange as always were the epitome of perfection. she looked gorgeous is all black with beautiful draping the back and plunging sweetheart neckline. i also am dying for her earrings and cocktail ring. love the color. sadly, it was pretty much a fact that neither were going to take home an oscar this evening but regardless they both looked gorgeous and were obviously king and queen of the oscars.

meryl streep is meryl streep. at the sag awards when she won for doubt she wasn't wearing a dress and even said that she wasn't wearing a dress and didn't think it was necessary, well tonight it wasn't necessary but she wore one and i am glad she did. i also like the dress she chose. it's still very meryl but also very chic and un-meryl. i liked the two colors and the drapy neckline. i am not going to say anything about sophia loren (because she's an icon) other than she should stay out of the sun.

penelope cruz was of course gorgeous. she looked sexy and tan and beautiful. i loved her dress and the way it fit her. the embroidery was interesting and beautiful and she pulled it off well.

anne hathaway of course looked sensational. total old hollywood glamour and i love that she went for it and pulled it off. i don't know if you saw rachel getting married but she was great in it. i (sadly) knew she wasn't going to win tonight but she looked like a winner and i doubt this will be her last nomination.

amy adams looked good. her face was a bit pale. i loved her dress and i loved her necklace but the two didn't particularly go together color-wise. her necklace is more of a fuchsia whereas her dress is red. but i do love the way the dress fits and how the piping makes her look beautiful and curvy in the best way possible.

marisa tomei looked beautiful as well. her dress had sick (amazing) pleats all over it and looked like it took forever to make but was beautifully crafted! i really thought she was going to win. she did such a great job in the wrestler.

now i don't really know why sarah jessica parker was at the oscars but i obviously do not tire of seeing the always stunning carrie bradshaw. and tonight sjp really looked stunning. i loved the dress. i loved the hair. i loved the makeup. it was all perfect and i loved how she called the dress "barely mint." it really was the lightest shade of green ever but it was perfection. dior does some nice work.

viola davis' dress looks like something you could pick up at wet seal during prom season. not good. not cute. not oscar. although her tatas look very nice.

frida pinto is legitimately one of the most gorgeous people i have ever seen. that said, she looks amazing in this dress. very chic and romantic. love the lace and love the color. great and daring choice.

i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. ok. i do though. my thoughts on ms cyrus are as follows: she is really a 70 year old smoker trapped in a 16 year olds body. i also think she is irrationally annoying. seriously annoying. and what she wore to the oscars does not help me like her any more. in fact, it makes me hate her more. this dress looks like something her bedazzler vomited up after it broke from making too many sleeveless plaid shirts for her father. that dress is a monstrosity.

natalie portman as always looked absolutely beautiful. she is one of my favorites and i love that she comes out to support her fellow actors even when she's not nominated. and she looked amazing. her dress was so fresh and fun and young and i loved the little bits of sparkle on the front of the bodice. the perfect amount of 'bling.'

zac efron never seems to disappoint. however, his beard, vanessa "i-like-to-take-naked-pictures-of-myself-and-text-them-to-disney-stars" hudgens looked atrocious. her dress was not cute and there were bows or flowers or something on the front of the bodice that were just awkward and distracting.

i think philip seymour hoffman decided before he even got to the oscars that he wasn't going to win so he decided to wear this awful ensemble. who wears a beanie to the oscars?!?

now mickey rourke did it right. granted he is wearing something far from the traditional oscar tuxedo but he looks like a rock star and after all, he is mickey rourke.

now i would like to talk about the awards themselves.....i honestly enjoyed the new format. it felt more emotional and personal and special. people teared up and i loved the little introductions for the 4 big categories. i also really loved hugh jackman's singing. he has a wonderful voice and he isn't too bad to look at either. i especially enjoyed the part where he said how was contractually obligated to mention brad and angelina at least 5 times during the show. it was cute. i was slightly terrified that high wasn't going to do a good job. but he did.
so sean penn won and oscar and he showed up. it was insanely exciting and i love him. i especially enjoyed his speech. my favorite clips were when he called the academy "commie homo-loving sons of guns," and when talking about mickey rourke goes, "mickey works rises again and he's my brother." i wish sean penn would say such nice things about me. actually, i just wish sean penn knew who i was.
reese witherspoon looked gorgeous (as always). she was wearing a beautiful black and blue dress and i saw her for three minutes when she was presenting. i am still wondering if she brought jake.
ooooh, speaking of couples, did you see jen aniston and her boytoy john mayer? he looked hot. i forgot that when he puts on a tux he is the equivalent of walking sex. it's disgusting and i love it. she looked good, a little old but good. although i didn't understand the hair, she couldn't have been bothered to get it done??
another person that clearly couldn't have been bothered to get to the salon prior to the awards was adrian brody. is he trying to have girl hair? it was really long and really ugly.
i must say i absolutely loved natalie portman and ben stiller's little skit where ben was acting like joaquin phoenix. it was hysterical.

this oscars really did have some great funny moments. i really enjoyed the show and i hope you did too. please feel free to share your thoughts and or snarky comments about some of the awkward or fabulous fashion featured at tonight's awards.

February 18, 2009


a year and a half ago we adopted sophie - her given name was mary grace. she is a mix and she is super cute, hyper and loving.

pre-adoption video

post-adoption video

February 13, 2009

the bag game

my friend j at peep-toe pumps and pearls tagged me on this super fun game!

here are the rules:
1. take a photo of whatever bag you are currently carrying. you cannot switch bags. it is the bag you are currently using so no cheating.
2. say what it is and how much it costs. it's not about judging. it's for entertainment purposes so just spill it! also if the bag has a story please tell.
3. tag some friends.

the bag is kate spade. it's amazing. it looks black but it is actually very dark brown patent with brown leather trim. it's gorgeous. it costs $500 but i got it for $150.
the story behind it is that i used to work at kate spade. we got a very generous discount and right before i stopped working there we had the opportunity to purchase one bag at a 'double discount' which meant 75% off. it was amazing. so i bought this bag. and it was a great choice. it's huge.

i tag:
lulu at sweet songs of life

kate at nautical by nature

and miss jc at pleeze pass tha pees but holde da korn

sassy engineer at a sassy engineer

February 12, 2009

per usual

of course i'm bored. why would i not be bored. i have no job so i am bored. mine and d's friend j did an alphabet meme on her adorable and fabulous blog so i decided to play along.

a. almost famous. incredible film. and unquestionably one of my favorites.

b. britney spears. obvs.

c. california. the west coast is the best coast.

d. d - my sissy. she is the reason for my blogging and my obsession with twitter.

e. elephants. they are so cute.

f. friends reruns. there is nothing better, providing they don't play any later episodes.

g. gossip girl. whatever. i'm addicted. it's fucking delicious. deal with it. plus i live for b's headbands.

h. hamlet. my favorite of shakespeare's plays.

j. "just dance" by lady gaga

k. kit kats. particularly the mini ones passed out on halloween. gimme a break!

l. lavender. smells so good!

m. my best friends. i am so thankful for them and all the things they have taught me.

n. nuts. not! i am deathly allergic to nuts. particularly peanuts, pistachios and cashews.

o. one tree hill. just get over it. it's amazing. i've never missed an episode. it's fine. it's better than some other tv out there.

p. puppies. i really love animals and puppies (especially super duper cute ones) are a huge weakness.

q. questions of the day. i sometimes ask a question of the day on my blog. such as "what is your favorite type of cheese?"

r. raw cookie dough. duh. delicious. just gimme the whole package.

s. s - my little sissy.

t. tucson. the location of the university of arizona. aka my alma mater.

u. university of arizona. go wildcats. bear down.

v. vincent chase...aka adrien grenier the star of hbo's entourage. love it. plus i have loved ag since the movie drive me crazy (brilliant film). he is so cute.

w. whitney port. because i talk like her. that's just for you j.

x. x-rays. ok so maybe i don't love them but i have had so many of them in life. i cannot even begin to count. it's kind of gross.

y. yin and yang. i love the whole concept of two opposite halves coming together to make one perfect whole.

z. zucchini. so good. my mother will sometimes marinate them in soy sauce and sesame oil and grill them on the bbq. they are amazing.

February 10, 2009


tr knight and katherine heigl are officially out of grey's anatomy. i am so sad to see george o'malley go but izzie needed to leave a loooong time ago. i just don't like her. good riddance.

i would like to introduce you all to my new boyfriend owen....

isn't he handsome? i'm totally in love.

took some random photos

still no job. anyone shocked? anyone?? didn't think so.

February 9, 2009

finally finally finally!

i finally saw slumdog millionaire! i know! it took me for-freaking-ever!

it was absolutely amazing! it was beautiful, suspenseful, exciting and heartwarming and i loved it. my little sister decided to ditch her friends and go to the movies with me.
now all i need to see before the oscars is: the reader, frost/nixon and doubt. not necessarily in that order. i am feeling solid in my saying that i think that slumdog millionaire will win best picture. it really was a phenomenal film.
i also saw h.j.n.t.i.y.......figure it out. not that hard. it was good. much better than i expected..............................................but i had low expectations. i do love ginnifer goodwin. she is great. i also happen to love her on big love.
speaking of television im kind of in the mood to share my list of shows. i downloaded the great tv forecast app for my iphone and i had to input my shows so i had to think of what i watched so here we go:

gossip girl
one tree hill
the secret life of the american teenager (shut up! you know it's good)
the bachelor (watch it on abc the next day)

90210 (it's sooooo good/bad)
law & order: svu

project runway (if it stays on wednesdays)

grey's anatomy

are there things on tv on friday?

saturday night live used to be good

desperate housewives
brothers & sisters
big love
the united states of tara
entourage (when it's on)
the tudors (when it's on)

i like tv. it's good. my new found enjoyment for crime shows comes from my lack of employment. i found all these shows that i now love.

this is my peace buddha. he is so cute and i velcro-d him to my dashboard.

he just sits there and brings peace and good karma. i love him!
i picked him up while i was out and also found this for the pup. how cute does he look?!?

and he is totally mr. mischief. he loves getting into trouble.

here's some sexy to brighten your day

i'm a big one tree hill fan and i know i love my chad michael murray (aka lucas scott) shirtless and close cropped with not too much facial hair. so hot!

February 7, 2009

never again

today i went to ikea with a. i like being a good friend. i will never been a good friend again.

ikea = hell on earth

never again

February 6, 2009

call me

i was driving in the car on the way to the movies with my friend j and eventually we come to a stop behind a big yellow school bus. the bus was full of kids (probably going on a field trip) and all of a sudden the ones in the back start waving at us. obviously j and i wave back. i always believe in following 'sweet & sour' etiquette. for those who don't know/remember what sweet & sour is it is when you and your friends wave at passersby and the ones that wave back are sweet and the ones that don't are sour. i couldn't be sour! well, as the bus begins to pull away, one particular little boy waves at me and mouth (with the hand signal) 'call me.' now, mind you, this child is approximately 8 years old. had he been 20 years older this would be another story.
i should have gotten his number though and seen if he had a hot brother or single dad.....................just kidding.

but seriously.

February 4, 2009

i am a *&#%@(^!? moron!

so i am taking another wonderful test, the cbest. i was under the impression that my test was on valentines day. today i found out that i was sadly mistaken. my test is actually this saturday, as in 2 days from now. as in, oh em gee i'm going to die and am freaking out. how could i have been so stupid?? clearly this is god messing with me (once again). so i am now scrambling to study. although i just took a rather lengthy practice test and did quite well. go me!

i got my new glasses today. they are phenomenal. couldn't be happier.

my friend m and i went for fro-yo at our fav place and we found m's clothing twin for the day. obvs i had to get a pic and here is a pic of m also so you can see. m (right) is definitely cuter.

they also had these balloons. i wanted to stab them until they were completely deflated.

oh, have i mentioned that i hate valentine's day? it is the bane of my existence. it's like i know that i am single and valentine's day just likes to shove it in my face more. and also, couples use valentine's day as an excuse to make out in the streets. not a fan! the one good thing about this valentine's day is that my friend j has time warner cable and on the 14th and 15th they have tons and tons of new release movies for only one cent. one cent! how amazing is that? so i am going to camp out and we are going to watch movies all day. it should be glorious. hopefully she won't be on a date with this boy (man) she has been seeing. he is a little older but it's not big deal. i just don't want to be alone on s.a.d. (singles awareness day).

today i saw rachel getting married. i loved it. it was not a happy movie but it was a wonderfully poignant and intimate film about a crazy family. it is a film where not a lot happens but so much goes on. it's also beautifully shot with a handheld camera without making you dizzy and sick to your stomach. the handheld effect makes the viewer feel like they are there intruding without interrupting. it is very interesting. anne hathaway did an incredible job. she was so desperate and selfish and wonderful. she unquestionably deserves her oscar nomination. also, the theater in which we saw the film was fabulous. it was a smaller auditorium with couches instead of chairs and it was so comfortable. it apparently only showed in that auditorium because it was it's last day showing in that theater. if you haven't seen rachel getting married yet go see it. otherwise rent it the second it's available.
the only other movies i am desperate to see before oscar night are the reader and slumdog millionaire. i know, i know. i haven't seen slumdog yet. i am a horrible person. it is supposed to be the next film i see but getting my little sister s to ditch her friends is impossible.

tomorrow is thursday and i am hoping for a good episode of grey's. i cannot wait to find out what is wrong with izzy and then for her to finally get kicked off the show. i am so over her and her annoying character. i am also loving the lexie and mcsteamy pairing. the way he acts towards her is ridiculous and adorable and i looooove him. he is so handsome.

ooooh speaking of handsome....

how could you not love it??

February 2, 2009

bank of crazies

i was running errands with a friend recently and among the errands was the bank. well we are at the bank and what do i see......some wonderfully heinous clothing. it was a two-for-one special and it was glorious.
first we have the bank teller. i am loving the rat's nest on her head. it's beautiful. i wish i could do that to my hair. sadly, you are not receiving the full effect of her top. it sparkled. i have a feeling it was not costume day so my assumption is that these decisions are made on a regular basis.

then there was this lady. first of all, hair clips. oh god. second, her white patent leather booties. i love booties and i love patent leather but white is just not right. it's totally wrong actually. the entire outfit just doesn't work and reminds me of an eight year old girl dressing herself for school.

why would people do this?

my little sister s spotted this girl the other day. granted she is in middle school, but she went to school dressed this way. one, it was about eighty degrees outside and two, no one else was dressed up.

sometimes i just don't understand little kids. their idea is of funny is so different than mine. i would definitely not put on penguin printed flannel footie pajamas to make people laugh. i would probably bust this out....

i miss college.

oooh my little sister s also has these skills, in addition to hunting down those who are poorly dressed....

pretty cool......or not.

today my friends and i went to a fabulous exhibit at the los angeles county museum of art (lacma). it was the vanity fair portraits exhibit. it was several rooms of memorable vanity fair photographs and it was incredible. the exhibit started with huge black and whites of margaret thatcher and princess diana. there were also portraits of h.g. wells, george clooney, picasso and more. it was a beautiful exhibit.

here's some sexy for your day. enjoy...

so yummy

quote of the day:
"i never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television."
~gore vidal (1925-present)
american novelist, playwright and politician