February 4, 2009

i am a *&#%@(^!? moron!

so i am taking another wonderful test, the cbest. i was under the impression that my test was on valentines day. today i found out that i was sadly mistaken. my test is actually this saturday, as in 2 days from now. as in, oh em gee i'm going to die and am freaking out. how could i have been so stupid?? clearly this is god messing with me (once again). so i am now scrambling to study. although i just took a rather lengthy practice test and did quite well. go me!

i got my new glasses today. they are phenomenal. couldn't be happier.

my friend m and i went for fro-yo at our fav place and we found m's clothing twin for the day. obvs i had to get a pic and here is a pic of m also so you can see. m (right) is definitely cuter.

they also had these balloons. i wanted to stab them until they were completely deflated.

oh, have i mentioned that i hate valentine's day? it is the bane of my existence. it's like i know that i am single and valentine's day just likes to shove it in my face more. and also, couples use valentine's day as an excuse to make out in the streets. not a fan! the one good thing about this valentine's day is that my friend j has time warner cable and on the 14th and 15th they have tons and tons of new release movies for only one cent. one cent! how amazing is that? so i am going to camp out and we are going to watch movies all day. it should be glorious. hopefully she won't be on a date with this boy (man) she has been seeing. he is a little older but it's not big deal. i just don't want to be alone on s.a.d. (singles awareness day).

today i saw rachel getting married. i loved it. it was not a happy movie but it was a wonderfully poignant and intimate film about a crazy family. it is a film where not a lot happens but so much goes on. it's also beautifully shot with a handheld camera without making you dizzy and sick to your stomach. the handheld effect makes the viewer feel like they are there intruding without interrupting. it is very interesting. anne hathaway did an incredible job. she was so desperate and selfish and wonderful. she unquestionably deserves her oscar nomination. also, the theater in which we saw the film was fabulous. it was a smaller auditorium with couches instead of chairs and it was so comfortable. it apparently only showed in that auditorium because it was it's last day showing in that theater. if you haven't seen rachel getting married yet go see it. otherwise rent it the second it's available.
the only other movies i am desperate to see before oscar night are the reader and slumdog millionaire. i know, i know. i haven't seen slumdog yet. i am a horrible person. it is supposed to be the next film i see but getting my little sister s to ditch her friends is impossible.

tomorrow is thursday and i am hoping for a good episode of grey's. i cannot wait to find out what is wrong with izzy and then for her to finally get kicked off the show. i am so over her and her annoying character. i am also loving the lexie and mcsteamy pairing. the way he acts towards her is ridiculous and adorable and i looooove him. he is so handsome.

ooooh speaking of handsome....

how could you not love it??


  1. Was the theater at The Landmark? I've been there once and happened to be in one of the smaller theaters and it was such an awesome surprise! Now every time I look up a movie I want to see, I check that theater's website but they all seem to be showing in the big rooms, which I hear only have seats.

    I really want to see Rachel Getting Married! I will once it's out on dvd. I'm not sure if I'll get to take advantage of the 1c movies. I have Time Warner, but I'm housesitting at a house that doesn't and I don't know what day I finish. I've also got a bridal shower on the 15th. Tut tut, bad timing!

  2. The CBEST is pretty easy (at least compared to the others), you'll do great!

  3. You will do great on your test!! I know it!

    My dad is obsessed with Rachel Getting Married. I really need to see it!

    I thought the person on the left was wearing a school uniform skirt. That is just wrong!

  4. I have never liked Valentine's Day for the cheesiness of the whole thing but I like all the pink. I so girly some times :P