February 22, 2009

and the oscar goes to.........

warning: please enjoy carefully, this post is hot.

oh my god! it's oscar sunday. this day is seriously my third favorite day of the year behind my birthday and christmas. and this was especially fantastic because the movies and the acting were unparalleled. so many movies this year transcended boundaries, languages and cultures and made people open their eyes to new and different things. and obviously the acting was ferocious.

let's recap the big winners first, shall we?

best actor - sean penn, milk
best actress - kate winslet, the reader
best supporting actor - heath ledger, the dark knight
best supporting actress - penelope cruz, vicki christina barcelona
directing - slumdog millionaire
best picture - slumdog millionaire
original score - slumdog millionaire
original song - jai ho, slumdog millionaire
animated feature - wall-e
costume design - the duchess
adapted screenplay - slumdog
original screenplay - milk

by the way, in our oscar pool i only got minus 4. 4! i am so proud of myself. and the only significant one was best supporting actress. i loved penelope cruz but didn't think she was going to win so i chose marisa tomei but lo and behold, pene won. the others that i missed were original song, foreign language film, and sound editing. and i also actually saw almost all the nominated films. it really was a fantastic oscars and now we must talk about the other important part of the oscars - the fashion! let's go.......

we'll start with the biggies.........

kate winslet was gorgeous as always. i loved her dress. i thought it was beautiful and interesting and fit her perfectly. her stylist is a genius and deserves a severe raise for dressing her amazingly well this entire awards season. she has looked flawless at each and every event she has attended. i also loved how when kate received her oscar she was talking about how she always wanted one and talked about practicing her speech with a shampoo bottle in the mirror and then goes, "it's not a shampoo bottle now." she is just so classy and beautiful and such an amazing actress.

brad and ange as always were the epitome of perfection. she looked gorgeous is all black with beautiful draping the back and plunging sweetheart neckline. i also am dying for her earrings and cocktail ring. love the color. sadly, it was pretty much a fact that neither were going to take home an oscar this evening but regardless they both looked gorgeous and were obviously king and queen of the oscars.

meryl streep is meryl streep. at the sag awards when she won for doubt she wasn't wearing a dress and even said that she wasn't wearing a dress and didn't think it was necessary, well tonight it wasn't necessary but she wore one and i am glad she did. i also like the dress she chose. it's still very meryl but also very chic and un-meryl. i liked the two colors and the drapy neckline. i am not going to say anything about sophia loren (because she's an icon) other than she should stay out of the sun.

penelope cruz was of course gorgeous. she looked sexy and tan and beautiful. i loved her dress and the way it fit her. the embroidery was interesting and beautiful and she pulled it off well.

anne hathaway of course looked sensational. total old hollywood glamour and i love that she went for it and pulled it off. i don't know if you saw rachel getting married but she was great in it. i (sadly) knew she wasn't going to win tonight but she looked like a winner and i doubt this will be her last nomination.

amy adams looked good. her face was a bit pale. i loved her dress and i loved her necklace but the two didn't particularly go together color-wise. her necklace is more of a fuchsia whereas her dress is red. but i do love the way the dress fits and how the piping makes her look beautiful and curvy in the best way possible.

marisa tomei looked beautiful as well. her dress had sick (amazing) pleats all over it and looked like it took forever to make but was beautifully crafted! i really thought she was going to win. she did such a great job in the wrestler.

now i don't really know why sarah jessica parker was at the oscars but i obviously do not tire of seeing the always stunning carrie bradshaw. and tonight sjp really looked stunning. i loved the dress. i loved the hair. i loved the makeup. it was all perfect and i loved how she called the dress "barely mint." it really was the lightest shade of green ever but it was perfection. dior does some nice work.

viola davis' dress looks like something you could pick up at wet seal during prom season. not good. not cute. not oscar. although her tatas look very nice.

frida pinto is legitimately one of the most gorgeous people i have ever seen. that said, she looks amazing in this dress. very chic and romantic. love the lace and love the color. great and daring choice.

i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. i hate miley cyrus. ok. i do though. my thoughts on ms cyrus are as follows: she is really a 70 year old smoker trapped in a 16 year olds body. i also think she is irrationally annoying. seriously annoying. and what she wore to the oscars does not help me like her any more. in fact, it makes me hate her more. this dress looks like something her bedazzler vomited up after it broke from making too many sleeveless plaid shirts for her father. that dress is a monstrosity.

natalie portman as always looked absolutely beautiful. she is one of my favorites and i love that she comes out to support her fellow actors even when she's not nominated. and she looked amazing. her dress was so fresh and fun and young and i loved the little bits of sparkle on the front of the bodice. the perfect amount of 'bling.'

zac efron never seems to disappoint. however, his beard, vanessa "i-like-to-take-naked-pictures-of-myself-and-text-them-to-disney-stars" hudgens looked atrocious. her dress was not cute and there were bows or flowers or something on the front of the bodice that were just awkward and distracting.

i think philip seymour hoffman decided before he even got to the oscars that he wasn't going to win so he decided to wear this awful ensemble. who wears a beanie to the oscars?!?

now mickey rourke did it right. granted he is wearing something far from the traditional oscar tuxedo but he looks like a rock star and after all, he is mickey rourke.

now i would like to talk about the awards themselves.....i honestly enjoyed the new format. it felt more emotional and personal and special. people teared up and i loved the little introductions for the 4 big categories. i also really loved hugh jackman's singing. he has a wonderful voice and he isn't too bad to look at either. i especially enjoyed the part where he said how was contractually obligated to mention brad and angelina at least 5 times during the show. it was cute. i was slightly terrified that high wasn't going to do a good job. but he did.
so sean penn won and oscar and he showed up. it was insanely exciting and i love him. i especially enjoyed his speech. my favorite clips were when he called the academy "commie homo-loving sons of guns," and when talking about mickey rourke goes, "mickey works rises again and he's my brother." i wish sean penn would say such nice things about me. actually, i just wish sean penn knew who i was.
reese witherspoon looked gorgeous (as always). she was wearing a beautiful black and blue dress and i saw her for three minutes when she was presenting. i am still wondering if she brought jake.
ooooh, speaking of couples, did you see jen aniston and her boytoy john mayer? he looked hot. i forgot that when he puts on a tux he is the equivalent of walking sex. it's disgusting and i love it. she looked good, a little old but good. although i didn't understand the hair, she couldn't have been bothered to get it done??
another person that clearly couldn't have been bothered to get to the salon prior to the awards was adrian brody. is he trying to have girl hair? it was really long and really ugly.
i must say i absolutely loved natalie portman and ben stiller's little skit where ben was acting like joaquin phoenix. it was hysterical.

this oscars really did have some great funny moments. i really enjoyed the show and i hope you did too. please feel free to share your thoughts and or snarky comments about some of the awkward or fabulous fashion featured at tonight's awards.


  1. Miley is gorgeous, sweet, and fun! Her dress was unique, young, flirty, and fun. Something that someone older would look completely ridiculous in, but it's perfect for a 16 year old who is just there for fun.

  2. Bravo! That was an excellent rundown of the night. Oh and I am so jealous you got a pic with Mickey! :P Thanks for the recap!

  3. I agree with pretty much everything-loved Penelope, Frida, Natalie, etc. I loved Angelina's earrings. Not a fan of John Mayer but he did look slightly better dressed up. Did you see Marisa Tomei's boyfriend? He's like 10 years younger and really cute. He was on The OC and a short lived show I liked called Traveler.

  4. I tried to leave you a comment on this post last week but couldn't. :( I'm so glad you posted about the Oscars. I knew I could count on you. I was driving to San Antonio Sunday night and missed everything. Thanks for the recap.