April 15, 2009

2 quick things

in touch weekly and e! are both reporting that the unbelievably beautiful and blessed heidi klum is preggers again with baby number 4. seriously, if her body stays that good i think i'm just going to stop eating.

in other news, one mr. brian kinney (gale harold) is coming back to desperate housewives. should be interesting. i looooooove me some b kinney. by the way, the whole brian kinney thing is gale's character from a fantastic show called queer as folk. it is no longer on tv (showtime) but you can catch the tame version on logo....although it's totally not worth it. well, either way, brain/gale is so hot on queer as folk it's ridiculous. so needless to say i am very pleased with desperate housewives for bringing him back.

i read a story today about a guy who was having chest pains and throwing up blood. the doctors took and xray and thought they saw a tumor. they go in to do the biopsy and find that it is not a tumor but a 5 centimeter long fir tree growing in his lung. freaky stuff.

ok, must go. finally going to see some friends. this whole thing does not leave much time for a social life. bummer.

April 14, 2009

i love being a creeper

so my new friend t at free flan did a fun post where she took a pic of herself and posted it and then tagged people. well technically she tagged all the creepers and i am such a creeper (sometimes)! so here it goes....

the rules are as follows:
take a picture of yourself right now
do not primp or prepare in any way....seriously, don't
upload the picture to your blog
and then tag some people to play along
good fun!

so hot! right?

ok now i must get something off of my chest.....the real housewives of new jersey. really? new jersey? ok, maybe new jersey isn't the problem, it's the women. could bravo have chosen more trashy and less classy women? they seem so hot-headed, ridiculous and rude. i feel like they are just locking in every new jersey stereotype there is. in one commercial, one unattractive and fake blonde women says in a thick gangster-like accent "my family is as thick as thieves." truthfully, i think she is talking about the mafia. the women look ridiculous but i think it might be terrifyingly addictive. we will see, i'll definitely blog during or after the may 12th premiere.

tonight is a new episode of 90210. i don't know if you watch it (totally let me know if you do!) but it is so good and i am pretty sure tonight is where donna martin makes her amazing return. i could not be more excited. ok, well i could. but the only way would be that if donna, kelly and brenda were all together in one place and being nice. that would be awesome!

is it bad?

is it bad that i find this video hysterically funny? i now crazy lohan is in a 'bad situation' but seriously, i love that she did this video and made fun of herself. i love lilo! i am a big fan....and this is pretty darn funny.

April 13, 2009

working girl

well i did it! i finished my first day and i am alive and have not yet passed out....thank god. part of me wants to (pass out) but i also want to do things since i have been at a desk all day.

today was a lot of learning. some hands on and some not, but it was good. i am excited to get my hands on things and really learn and do . there are many many things that i still need to learn and a lot of things i will be doing require lots of precision and care because there are many steps. ugh. that is just a lot of words for "there is a big possibility for mess ups." that is what i am afraid of. i am petrified of messing up. i just want to do well. i want them to like me. is that so bad?

right now i am watching dancing with the stars. lil kim just performed and she and derek did well. it was a little kitschy and theatrical but cute. melissa and tony did so so well. melissa is also who i want to win. i think she is a great dancer and definitely a fan favorite. plus that would definitely mend the wounds left by her douche of an ex (the bachelor). the mirror ball trophy is way better. shawn and mark were great too, not as great as melissa but definitely good. i love shawn but i think she just might be too young and innocent to truly be able to get into some of the characters. my one issue lies will gilles. that s.o.b is sexalicious. hello! he was the naked guy in the sex and the city movie. being smooth and sexual is his job. and he's french. i also stand by the fact that the men have it easier. we all know they do. well, gilles performed and he was definitely not that great. yay!

well that's all for today!

April 11, 2009


what is the one movie i cannot wait to see?

seriously? why is he just so hot? he is a child! i have a crush on a child! he can't even go into a bar and get a drink (legally). but really, how do you not find that even a bit sexy? it's gross. i am so excited for the movie though. it looks like it is going to be adorable with lots of zac hotness. yay! me and three of my girlfriends already have plans to go see it when it opens. so fun!

i also have a new show that i enjoy....better off ted. portia de rossi is hysterical. she is essentially the reason i watch it. her character is very fierce and has a fantastic dry sense of humor. my favorite moment(s) so far have been between portia's character (veronica) and ted's daughter rose. portia volunteers to watch her and as they are walking to her office portia's character says "you have great skin. i wish there was a way to peel it off your face and attach it to mine...." she then proceeds to persuade rose to fire two employees. both employees also agreed that rose did a great job. it is just a very funny and slightly ridiculous show. all four episodes that have aired thus far are available on abc.com and they are only 30 minute episodes so they are super quick to go through.

hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! i know i am!!

April 10, 2009

seriously? wtf?!?

weirdest thing i have ever heard in my life: billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins is now dating reality "star" tila tequila - from a shot at love with tila tequila. vomiticious. is it a publicity stunt? i'm just reallllllly confused. this guy is a rock god (basically)....he dated courtney love for pete's sake! and she is a trashy asian bi-sexual who whored herself out on mtv. mismatch much??

la la la

bored. new idea for a weekly post: dilf of the week. if you do not know what a dilf is (seriously?) it is a super hot dad.
this week's dilf is one mr. benjamin affleck. he's super hot and is a two-time dad. have you noticed that ben has been super hot lately? good job ben!

April 3, 2009


today i grouted my mirror. i am loving it so far. it takes a few days to dry and right now the grout looks like sand but over the next couple of days it will harden significantly and darken as well. i am excited because the grout will turn grey as it darkens.

love it! i think i have a new hobby.....hehe

i was out today and i found this amazing vase. i have a 'thing' for really cool one-of-a-kind looking vases. i don't like to put things in them i just like using them for decoration. this is my second one and it goes perfectly with my first vase. the blue of my first vase matches the blue in my new one perfectly. we were clearly meant to be together. bonus: it was on sale and it was an amazing price - 8 dollars. definitely my kind of a day.

April 2, 2009

it's the end of the world as we know it......

well......i got a job! ok it's not technically a real job until my 'probationary' period is over (if they decide to keep me) but it's a job. and i will get paid. hooray! i am so excited! it is basically an assistant/secretary position at a law office and i am going to work my butt off so that after my 3 week probation he will take me on full time. i am so glad someone finally decided to give me a shot! and now i can go shopping. i don't need that much, maybe a pair of pants, a casual dress and some shirts. i also don't start until the 13th so i have all of next week to prepare. i am nervous and excited. this is a real job.

i had previously written that arizona's new basketball coach was tim floyd. floyd did not accept and arizona wanted someone more high profile. either way, arizona is still missing a basketball coach. but if they really want someone high profile they are going to need to throw them a heck of a lot of cheddar (yo). in other college basketball news, john calipari has officially left the university of memphis to coach at the university of kentucky. they gave him almost $32 million and he gets his choice of country club memberships, two cars and of course bonuses upon reaching sweet sixteen, the final four and an ncaa championship. he is now the highest paid coach in college basketball.

yesterday i went to an event with my mother. it is for a great organization called piece by piece which teaches mosaic tile work to underprivileged women in skid row (bad area of los angeles) and then sells their pieces and gives them the profits. well my mother and i went and i made a mirror and my mom made a pot. this is what it looks like now. later i am going to grout it so you won't see any wood. it should be amazing. obviously pictures of that will follow.

it does not look as good here as it does in person. it's really pretty blues and some white tiles and some blue tiles that are a little more grey. the grout is also grey so it should work very well together.

so yesterday i was going through some stuff in my room just to kind of clean and organize and i found a box of old stuff that i kept. in this box i had everything from photographs, to letters i got at camp to notes i passed freshman year of high school. well, in this box i also found this.....

unquestionably one of the great magazine covers of all time. i thought i had lost it but i didn't, it was just hiding. this is vanity fair's december 2001 cover and brad obviously looks incredible. like wow. amazing. you can't stop staring can you? it's ok, i can't either. it's nice. i just love that i have the cover. that is brad at his hottest.

i was also out yesterday and in my travels i found a person who deserved to be called out. first off, legwarmers? really? second, hot pink legwarmers? seriously? this is not the 80s and you're not in an aerobics class.

just wow. although i do love how i snapped the picture when she was starting to walk away so she is in a dancer-like pose.