December 30, 2008


i came across a very cool article featuring vintage ads. i love the smirnoff ad and the sprite ad. you can find them here.

i am currently an iphone user. i love it. the iphone is amazing. but part of me wants to switch to a blackberry. i have an 'upgrade' so the blackberry would basically be free and i love the idea of being able to bbm all of my friends since every single one (except for my 2 best friends) has a blackberry. my little sister just switch and a day doesn't go by where i don't get jealous and where she doesn't exclaim how much she loves her blackberry. she is on it 24/7 and i am jealous about 16/7. my biggest issue seems to be in the internet. blackberry users don't complain about a 'lack' of internet but i think they just don't know better. have they ever seen an iphone? we can do everything. it's a fact. well, everything except bbm. bbm allows for free contact with friends regardless of service provider. it crosses serious boundaries. i love crossing boundaries. it seems like such a plus that not only do you get free texts with your phone provider but also with all of your friends that have blackberries. but, i digress, am i willing to just give up my full beautiful internet and huge screen?? it will be nice to easily text message again though. i must say, actual buttons are quite helpful. again, i love my iphone but i used to be an amazing text messager. my skills have been lacking because the iphone is not as simple. and with the new no text messaging/emailing/etc while driving a blackberry would be much easier to break the law with. i am clearly not very convincing as there are many pros and cons to each phone, but do you have any thoughts? i would love solid reasons to switch or to not switch to a blackberry. please share. it would be greatly appreciated.

December 29, 2008

great find

my little sister and i went out to the valley today to have lunch with our father. on the way back we decided to stop at this random thrift store to see if there were any good finds. i got lucky. i found the most incredible vase. i can't even describe it so here are some pictures. i'm in love.

how great is it? it is going to remain empty and just sit on my shelf and be beautiful. it reminds me of the vases we had on display at kate spade. they were all from the 50s and 60s and had the same feel. i don't know where mine came from but it is amazing.

December 25, 2008


in my spare time (when the juices are flowing) i do photography. i felt like sharing some. enjoy.

china town, san francisco

nob hill, san francisco

danville, california

san francisco bay

punta cana, dominican republic

santo domingo, dominican republic

tucson, arizona

tucson, arizona

tucson, arizona

west los angeles, california

December 24, 2008

christmas vid of the day

ok so don't forget to read my other posts but i saw this video and had to post it. it's kind of hilarious but wrong at the same time. but i don't hate jessica biel in this good for her!

top 10

the original top 10 (sorry d) is back. and probably better than ever.

and awaaaaay we go................

1. arizona went to a bowl game for the first time in 10 years and we won. we played #16 brigham young university and kicked butt 31-21. go cats!!

2. d's new pup definitely gets the number two spot. he is pure perfection. it's sort of gross. i'm totally obsessed.

3. shirtless obama. best presidential physique without question.

damn sexy huh?? and nice protective detail. thanks for keeping the soon-to-be commander in chief safe guys!

4. fav quote: mary-kate olsen was apparently overheard (in the elevator at barneys) saying "it's really sad - the recession is everywhere. but at least they are having good sales." two things: 1. wow and 2. mk knows what a sale is??

5. rumors are swirling that madonna is dating a 20-something brazilian model - you go girl. power to the cougs.

6. 2 4,300 year old pharaonic tombs were found just 12 miles south of cairo. the area was mostly untouched because archaeologists only focused on one side of two nearby pyramids. archaeologists now believe that the cemetery is far more vast than originally thought. how exciting?!? read about it here

7. milk. sean penn is amazing. you forget that you are watching a movie.

8. lance armstrong can add miracle sperm to his growing list of great qualities. he got his girlfriend pregnant naturally which only happens to a handful of testicular cancer patients. congrats to the happy couple.

9. tom cruise sucks (shocker??). the cast, scenery and locations are getting rave reviews for valkyrie but tom is getting horrible ones. not surprised. he's kind of a tool box who hasn't done anything good since jerry maguire. no one is going to be showing him the money for quite some time.

10. tina fey was named entertainer of the year by the associated press. anyone shocked? i certainly am not. especially after this:

bonus: look at this woman.

the sweater, the cowboy boots, the mom jeans. and then she carries this bag.

it is fabulous and $1750. this woman was a walking contradiction and her outfit gave me a headache.
i'm not even going to talk about her straight out of the late 70s early 80s flipped out, bleached and fried hairdo. i just won't.
hopefully fashion disasters will become part of my blog. i have seen too many to ignore them.

i am so excited for christmas eve! this is my favorite time of only if it would snow. that would make this the best christmas ever!!

joyeux noel

December 23, 2008

in case you didn't know....

just in case you were not aware.......tomorrow is christmas eve! hooray! right now d and i are watching love actually (starring hugh grant). it really gets me in the christmas mood. and it's really the only "love" movie i can watch without wanting to slit my wrists because i am bitter and alone (just kidding...but seriously). i do enjoy when my bitter side comes out though. it can be rather entertaining.

we just reached my favorite part of love actually. billy is on tv promoting his record and he tells the kids "hi kids. here's an important message from your uncle bill. don't do drugs. become a pop star and they give you them for free." hilarious.

tonight the u of a played kansas and basketball and the cats won! and while kansas is unranked they are still kansas and a blue-blood at that. so it was a big deal. not only did we win we massacred. i am so sad i missed it but thankfully i was able to read all about it. arizona has been playing insanely well lately so hopefully we will have a great season. it would be a great slap in the face to our ex-coach lute olsen who up and left very suddenly leaving one of arizona's assistant coaches to cover his job. what a jackass. truthfully, lute should have bowed up two season ago when he took a sabbatical to deal with "personal issues." had he not come back the great kevin o'neill would still be our coach and arizona would unquestionably be on their way to greatness once again. it is so sad. but either way......go cats!! we are off to a great season!

final thought of the day, i saw this great quote at coffee bean today: "who are we not to shine" ~nelson mandela. what a great quote?!? and so true. every person everywhere deserves to shine.

and here's a great question of the day: what would you do if you knew you could not fail? you can leave your answers/thoughts in the comments section.

joyeux noel

December 22, 2008

i die

i die. d.i.e.

in case you don't understand the 'i die' comment you must watch the rachel zoe project. obsessed. and i would like to thank my little sister s for turning me onto the video. thanks kiddo!

December 21, 2008


this could be the cutest video ever. it's adorable and hilarious all in one. kids do say the darndest things. enjoy!!

December 20, 2008

this one

this is the one that you really need to see. he honestly gives beyonce a run for her money. it's fierce.

happy saturday everyone. i feel like today is going to be a good one. the u of a is going to their first bowl game in over a decade and the rumor is that we are favored to win (by 3). i would die. d.i.e. die. go cats! beardown!!!

i also signed up for both the cbest and cset today. i have to take both tests in order to apply to teaching school to earn my credential. i am so excited but there is so much to do. the cset is january 10 and i have approximately 100 pages of study materials that i printed out this morning. the test itself is hell. 3 sections with subsections in each and it's all areas of "social science." so i get: world history, world geography, us history, us geography, civics, economics and california history. sounds like fun right?? the cbest on the other hand is pretty simple. an english portion, a writing portion and a math portion. basically they want to know that you are as smart as a 7th grader. i personally think that is a lot to ask......just kidding. but seriously. i am terrible at math. i am scared. wish me luck!!

December 19, 2008

santa baby

every day we get closer and closer to christmas and i get more and more excited. d and i were driving home from a full day of errands at even at 4pm all the lights were lit up and it just felt so magical. i really do love this time of year!

in a burst of holiday cheer d and i decided to exchange one christmas gift. i would like to thank my wonderful big sister for the adorable monogrammed green and blue travel mug. you know i am going to take it to the bean every time i want a delicious hot beverage. i gave my wonderful sister these. aren't they adorable? slightly ridiculous but a great stocking stuffer nonetheless.

a lot has happened today. my personal favorite piece of news is that the california attorney general has changed his position on proposition 8 (hate) and has asked that the supreme court of california overturn the ban on gay marriages. attorney gen jerry brown stated that the proposition is unconstitutional because it denies a group of people a basic human right. i couldn't agree more. obviously there are people out there that may read this and they may disagree but i truly believe that every person in america and around the world deserves the right to marry and love whomever they choose - no questions asked.
also in the news: remains found last week in florida have officially been confirmed to be those of missing toddler caylee anthony. dr. g medical examiner (yes, the one from the show) was unable to determine how she died and has said that she most likely will be unable to. at least now, caylee's grandparents and the world can know that she is in a better place. my thoughts and prayers go out to caylee's family.
and last: paris hilton's home was broken into last night. apparently the guy made off with over two million dollars of goodies. wow. at least she wasn't home and no one was hurt. thank god for insurance.

so i have a new television obsession: house. i never really gave it a chance until earlier this week and i must say i am hooked and in love. i love hugh laurie but my real love is dr. wilson (aka robert sean leonard aka neil perry from the dead poets society). he's great. i also love jesse spencer. the way all the characters interact with each other is great and house is pretty damn funny and dark (two qualities i love and admire).
other television i a very excited for: the city. whitney was the only reason i watched the hills. she is fabulous and i hope she becomes insanely successful. i am also ridiculously excited for bromance. first, boys crying on tv....hooray! and second, possible significant brody jenner toplessness. the tattoo down the at the very least it will be nice to look at. obviously i am insanely excited for the eventual return of gossip girl, grey's anatomy, brothers and sisters and desperate housewives. i miss new shows.
now i must vent. dirty sexy money. i love it. my friend j loves it. i don't understand why it got sacked. i thought it was doing well and they really had enough story lines for another four seasons. i just don't get it. i really love that show. i also love lipstick jungle and am still confused as to whether or not it is being cancelled. any insight?

that's all for tonight. off to bed.

December 16, 2008

oh em gee


good stuff

happy tuesday! i can't really think of anything to talk about so here is the post for the day. some good stuff....

great product recommendation: nivea tinted lip care. it moisturizes, tastes good and leaves a great raspberry colored sheen. i love it. it also comes in cherry and original which is clear and flavorless. you can get it at most drugstores.

and how cute are these? all i did was good 'vintage christmas ornaments' and this site was one of my choices. i love google. you can find the best things because of it.
they have so many cute vintage ornaments! take a look.

i especially like the 'happy holidays' and 'believe' ornaments

i also love this large santa ornament

December 14, 2008


i think i might be sick again. i'm hoping that it is my allergies going absolutely crazy because it's been very windy but i just don't know. i am starting to get that sick/groggy/foggy feeling (which i hate).

there are officially ten days until christmas eve and i must say that i am excited. it doesn't feel like christmas outside but it does in my heart and that is what counts.

tonight was the dexter season finale and i must say that i am going to miss it terribly until it comes back. i am also surprised that there wasn't more of a cliff hanger. it was still great but it didn't leave me going nuts like it usually does. if you don't watch dexter i highly recommend it. it is about so much more than him killing people and it's amazing. plus m.c.h. does an amazing job.

and for my favorite piece of news for the day: our illustrious president, dubya, was making his final presidential visit to iraq and during his speech had not one, but two shoes throw at him. how great is that? i would have gone for something a little heavier (say a bowling ball) but that's just me. the first shoe missed but second shoe came very close.

now for sports: my fabulous university of arizona wildcats did the unthinkable today, we pulled off an upset. and not just any upset, an upset against a top 5 (#4 to be exact) team. we beat gonzaga today! it's been too long since arizona pulled off those moves and damn it felt good.

ok time for more law and order criminal intent and laying in bed.

December 12, 2008


yay! so i didn't imagine it. d came in last night and told me she redid my blog. i didn't remember until i signed on to my blog (just now). well, this is my new look. isn't it lovely. danielle gets me. the border is so cute and of course i love rudie.....he's so handsome. the glittery touch isn't too bad either. d does know how much i love glitter.

today my mother and her boyfriend left for the weekend. the sisters and i are very excited because it means peace and quiet (for the most part). and tomorrow the sisters and i, as well as my father and his girlfriend are going to my cousin's bat mitzvah. it should make for an interesting afternoon.

here's a "would you rather" question for the day, you can leave your answers as comments:

would you rather:
a. be able to fly?
b. be able to read people's minds?

golden globe nominations came out yesterday! that means that awards season is finally upon us. i am so excited, jeremy piven got nominated again for his role as ari gold and sally field (who i love and saw yesterday with d) got nominated for her role as nora walker on brothers & sisters. i still need to see many of the nominated films but i have started. i saw milk the other day and i have to say that sean penn lived up to the hype. he is an incredible actor with an amazing gift. you become entranced and you forget that you're watching a movie. i really want to see revolutionary road and slumdog millionaire. there are so many great movies out and great movies coming out. and then there are all the other movies i want to see: bride wars, confessions of a shopaholic etc. i am slightly scared for shopaholic, the book was fabulous (only the first one) and i don't think the movie is going to live up to it....but nonetheless it looks adorable.

i hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their day and a great weekend. happy holidays!

December 11, 2008


well, i'm back. not that anyone reads my blog haha. if, perhaps you do, you should say hello....make yourself known.

a little about me. i just graduated from college and moved back home. i recently had an epiphany and decided that i really want to be a teacher. mind you, this was something i have wanted for a while i just constantly pushed it aside because i really wanted to do public relations. i finally realized, after 6 months of not being able to find a job that teaching is a good route and i will be happy. i spent some time in a classroom the other day and it solidified everything for me. i really want to teach. what do i want to teach, you ask? 'social science' as they call it. ideally i would like to teach american history but i have to be competent in all areas of social science. so i am in the process of applying to teaching school to receive my credential and they really make you jump through hoops, just to get in. it's exhausting but i really am excited.

christmas is my favorite time of year. i love everything about it. people are nicer, the weather is crisp, cute scarves and of course christmas cheer everywhere. i love twinkling lights and sparkly decorations. d and i love crafting and so a bit ago we went nuts and starting doing christmas crafts. the results were great. take a look:

the other day i was out shopping and i happened to find a great pair of black boots super duper cheap. i'm not going to lie, i love forever twenty one. i find great stuff there. i generally go straight for their rings. but so much of their jewelry is great. how festive is this?!?

i would like to close this post by saying that anderson cooper is sexy.