December 14, 2008


i think i might be sick again. i'm hoping that it is my allergies going absolutely crazy because it's been very windy but i just don't know. i am starting to get that sick/groggy/foggy feeling (which i hate).

there are officially ten days until christmas eve and i must say that i am excited. it doesn't feel like christmas outside but it does in my heart and that is what counts.

tonight was the dexter season finale and i must say that i am going to miss it terribly until it comes back. i am also surprised that there wasn't more of a cliff hanger. it was still great but it didn't leave me going nuts like it usually does. if you don't watch dexter i highly recommend it. it is about so much more than him killing people and it's amazing. plus m.c.h. does an amazing job.

and for my favorite piece of news for the day: our illustrious president, dubya, was making his final presidential visit to iraq and during his speech had not one, but two shoes throw at him. how great is that? i would have gone for something a little heavier (say a bowling ball) but that's just me. the first shoe missed but second shoe came very close.

now for sports: my fabulous university of arizona wildcats did the unthinkable today, we pulled off an upset. and not just any upset, an upset against a top 5 (#4 to be exact) team. we beat gonzaga today! it's been too long since arizona pulled off those moves and damn it felt good.

ok time for more law and order criminal intent and laying in bed.

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