December 19, 2008

santa baby

every day we get closer and closer to christmas and i get more and more excited. d and i were driving home from a full day of errands at even at 4pm all the lights were lit up and it just felt so magical. i really do love this time of year!

in a burst of holiday cheer d and i decided to exchange one christmas gift. i would like to thank my wonderful big sister for the adorable monogrammed green and blue travel mug. you know i am going to take it to the bean every time i want a delicious hot beverage. i gave my wonderful sister these. aren't they adorable? slightly ridiculous but a great stocking stuffer nonetheless.

a lot has happened today. my personal favorite piece of news is that the california attorney general has changed his position on proposition 8 (hate) and has asked that the supreme court of california overturn the ban on gay marriages. attorney gen jerry brown stated that the proposition is unconstitutional because it denies a group of people a basic human right. i couldn't agree more. obviously there are people out there that may read this and they may disagree but i truly believe that every person in america and around the world deserves the right to marry and love whomever they choose - no questions asked.
also in the news: remains found last week in florida have officially been confirmed to be those of missing toddler caylee anthony. dr. g medical examiner (yes, the one from the show) was unable to determine how she died and has said that she most likely will be unable to. at least now, caylee's grandparents and the world can know that she is in a better place. my thoughts and prayers go out to caylee's family.
and last: paris hilton's home was broken into last night. apparently the guy made off with over two million dollars of goodies. wow. at least she wasn't home and no one was hurt. thank god for insurance.

so i have a new television obsession: house. i never really gave it a chance until earlier this week and i must say i am hooked and in love. i love hugh laurie but my real love is dr. wilson (aka robert sean leonard aka neil perry from the dead poets society). he's great. i also love jesse spencer. the way all the characters interact with each other is great and house is pretty damn funny and dark (two qualities i love and admire).
other television i a very excited for: the city. whitney was the only reason i watched the hills. she is fabulous and i hope she becomes insanely successful. i am also ridiculously excited for bromance. first, boys crying on tv....hooray! and second, possible significant brody jenner toplessness. the tattoo down the at the very least it will be nice to look at. obviously i am insanely excited for the eventual return of gossip girl, grey's anatomy, brothers and sisters and desperate housewives. i miss new shows.
now i must vent. dirty sexy money. i love it. my friend j loves it. i don't understand why it got sacked. i thought it was doing well and they really had enough story lines for another four seasons. i just don't get it. i really love that show. i also love lipstick jungle and am still confused as to whether or not it is being cancelled. any insight?

that's all for tonight. off to bed.

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  1. I LOVE House! I am a few episodes behind but it is a really great show. I am really excited for The City too-I hope Whitney does well