December 12, 2008


yay! so i didn't imagine it. d came in last night and told me she redid my blog. i didn't remember until i signed on to my blog (just now). well, this is my new look. isn't it lovely. danielle gets me. the border is so cute and of course i love rudie.....he's so handsome. the glittery touch isn't too bad either. d does know how much i love glitter.

today my mother and her boyfriend left for the weekend. the sisters and i are very excited because it means peace and quiet (for the most part). and tomorrow the sisters and i, as well as my father and his girlfriend are going to my cousin's bat mitzvah. it should make for an interesting afternoon.

here's a "would you rather" question for the day, you can leave your answers as comments:

would you rather:
a. be able to fly?
b. be able to read people's minds?

golden globe nominations came out yesterday! that means that awards season is finally upon us. i am so excited, jeremy piven got nominated again for his role as ari gold and sally field (who i love and saw yesterday with d) got nominated for her role as nora walker on brothers & sisters. i still need to see many of the nominated films but i have started. i saw milk the other day and i have to say that sean penn lived up to the hype. he is an incredible actor with an amazing gift. you become entranced and you forget that you're watching a movie. i really want to see revolutionary road and slumdog millionaire. there are so many great movies out and great movies coming out. and then there are all the other movies i want to see: bride wars, confessions of a shopaholic etc. i am slightly scared for shopaholic, the book was fabulous (only the first one) and i don't think the movie is going to live up to it....but nonetheless it looks adorable.

i hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their day and a great weekend. happy holidays!


  1. That is a very tough question, but I'm glad you asked that one and not the one you asked me on the way to get Ally at the airport.

    I think I would rather be able to fly. Shocked, right?

    I think being able to read people's minds would just cause so much drama. If you could fly, you could just pick up and go somewhere.

    Although I am terribly afraid of heights.

  2. that's exactly how i feel. being able to read minds is like opening a can of never ending words. bad news.