December 20, 2008

this one

this is the one that you really need to see. he honestly gives beyonce a run for her money. it's fierce.

happy saturday everyone. i feel like today is going to be a good one. the u of a is going to their first bowl game in over a decade and the rumor is that we are favored to win (by 3). i would die. d.i.e. die. go cats! beardown!!!

i also signed up for both the cbest and cset today. i have to take both tests in order to apply to teaching school to earn my credential. i am so excited but there is so much to do. the cset is january 10 and i have approximately 100 pages of study materials that i printed out this morning. the test itself is hell. 3 sections with subsections in each and it's all areas of "social science." so i get: world history, world geography, us history, us geography, civics, economics and california history. sounds like fun right?? the cbest on the other hand is pretty simple. an english portion, a writing portion and a math portion. basically they want to know that you are as smart as a 7th grader. i personally think that is a lot to ask......just kidding. but seriously. i am terrible at math. i am scared. wish me luck!!


  1. Oh my lanta, I think he does the dance better than Beyonce.

  2. I saw this before-so awesome! I wish I could dance like that. Good luck on the studying! I think you'll make a great teacher

  3. You're going to be an awesome teacher Jess. Can I come visit your class when you are actually a teacher? I can bring snacks :)

    That video is hilarious, kind of fabulous, and terrifying all at once. I'm thinking I'd like it more if he had actual clothes on.

    I LOVE Jill's comment.