December 23, 2008

in case you didn't know....

just in case you were not aware.......tomorrow is christmas eve! hooray! right now d and i are watching love actually (starring hugh grant). it really gets me in the christmas mood. and it's really the only "love" movie i can watch without wanting to slit my wrists because i am bitter and alone (just kidding...but seriously). i do enjoy when my bitter side comes out though. it can be rather entertaining.

we just reached my favorite part of love actually. billy is on tv promoting his record and he tells the kids "hi kids. here's an important message from your uncle bill. don't do drugs. become a pop star and they give you them for free." hilarious.

tonight the u of a played kansas and basketball and the cats won! and while kansas is unranked they are still kansas and a blue-blood at that. so it was a big deal. not only did we win we massacred. i am so sad i missed it but thankfully i was able to read all about it. arizona has been playing insanely well lately so hopefully we will have a great season. it would be a great slap in the face to our ex-coach lute olsen who up and left very suddenly leaving one of arizona's assistant coaches to cover his job. what a jackass. truthfully, lute should have bowed up two season ago when he took a sabbatical to deal with "personal issues." had he not come back the great kevin o'neill would still be our coach and arizona would unquestionably be on their way to greatness once again. it is so sad. but either way......go cats!! we are off to a great season!

final thought of the day, i saw this great quote at coffee bean today: "who are we not to shine" ~nelson mandela. what a great quote?!? and so true. every person everywhere deserves to shine.

and here's a great question of the day: what would you do if you knew you could not fail? you can leave your answers/thoughts in the comments section.

joyeux noel

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