December 11, 2008


well, i'm back. not that anyone reads my blog haha. if, perhaps you do, you should say hello....make yourself known.

a little about me. i just graduated from college and moved back home. i recently had an epiphany and decided that i really want to be a teacher. mind you, this was something i have wanted for a while i just constantly pushed it aside because i really wanted to do public relations. i finally realized, after 6 months of not being able to find a job that teaching is a good route and i will be happy. i spent some time in a classroom the other day and it solidified everything for me. i really want to teach. what do i want to teach, you ask? 'social science' as they call it. ideally i would like to teach american history but i have to be competent in all areas of social science. so i am in the process of applying to teaching school to receive my credential and they really make you jump through hoops, just to get in. it's exhausting but i really am excited.

christmas is my favorite time of year. i love everything about it. people are nicer, the weather is crisp, cute scarves and of course christmas cheer everywhere. i love twinkling lights and sparkly decorations. d and i love crafting and so a bit ago we went nuts and starting doing christmas crafts. the results were great. take a look:

the other day i was out shopping and i happened to find a great pair of black boots super duper cheap. i'm not going to lie, i love forever twenty one. i find great stuff there. i generally go straight for their rings. but so much of their jewelry is great. how festive is this?!?

i would like to close this post by saying that anderson cooper is sexy.


  1. Hey Jessica! I read your blog! :) So glad you're back. I think you would be a great teacher. If I were in your class, I would listen, especially b/c you talk like Whitney. I'm with you on Forever 21, love it! Anderson Cooper is hot... Why are all the good ones are gay?

  2. Well, well, well...look who came back to blog land. I knew you couldn't resist. :)

    Jill and I were chatting tonight and she mentioned your blog post, and how she loves listening to you talk since you sound like Whitney (insert my fabulous impersonation here!). Anyways, I told her your blog was gone, but what do you know? Here it is.

    Then she made some comment about how the sister of blogs by Danielle (because I'm so famous, haha) had a rather simple blog.

    Because you were so nice and spent who knows how long (guessing you were timing it) helping me choose my new duvet and pillows today, I thought I'd break in to your account and redo your blog. It was totally worth the Sally Field sighting today, right?

    Lucky for me, I knew the password so you now have a Christmas blog. Do you like it?

    Sneaky little rockstar sister, huh?

    You love me :)

    See you in the am little sis.