December 24, 2008

top 10

the original top 10 (sorry d) is back. and probably better than ever.

and awaaaaay we go................

1. arizona went to a bowl game for the first time in 10 years and we won. we played #16 brigham young university and kicked butt 31-21. go cats!!

2. d's new pup definitely gets the number two spot. he is pure perfection. it's sort of gross. i'm totally obsessed.

3. shirtless obama. best presidential physique without question.

damn sexy huh?? and nice protective detail. thanks for keeping the soon-to-be commander in chief safe guys!

4. fav quote: mary-kate olsen was apparently overheard (in the elevator at barneys) saying "it's really sad - the recession is everywhere. but at least they are having good sales." two things: 1. wow and 2. mk knows what a sale is??

5. rumors are swirling that madonna is dating a 20-something brazilian model - you go girl. power to the cougs.

6. 2 4,300 year old pharaonic tombs were found just 12 miles south of cairo. the area was mostly untouched because archaeologists only focused on one side of two nearby pyramids. archaeologists now believe that the cemetery is far more vast than originally thought. how exciting?!? read about it here

7. milk. sean penn is amazing. you forget that you are watching a movie.

8. lance armstrong can add miracle sperm to his growing list of great qualities. he got his girlfriend pregnant naturally which only happens to a handful of testicular cancer patients. congrats to the happy couple.

9. tom cruise sucks (shocker??). the cast, scenery and locations are getting rave reviews for valkyrie but tom is getting horrible ones. not surprised. he's kind of a tool box who hasn't done anything good since jerry maguire. no one is going to be showing him the money for quite some time.

10. tina fey was named entertainer of the year by the associated press. anyone shocked? i certainly am not. especially after this:

bonus: look at this woman.

the sweater, the cowboy boots, the mom jeans. and then she carries this bag.

it is fabulous and $1750. this woman was a walking contradiction and her outfit gave me a headache.
i'm not even going to talk about her straight out of the late 70s early 80s flipped out, bleached and fried hairdo. i just won't.
hopefully fashion disasters will become part of my blog. i have seen too many to ignore them.

i am so excited for christmas eve! this is my favorite time of only if it would snow. that would make this the best christmas ever!!

joyeux noel

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  1. 7-Totally agree! I actually saw Emile Hirsch while I was driving yesterday and I nearly had a heart attack.