March 30, 2009

ramble ramble ramble

good morning universe! today is monday and if i look outside my window it looks disgusting outside. i do not want to leave the haven that is my room and i've got a kitty (mr. bo jangles) and a pup (sophie) here with me. but i do have to leave.....eventually. and i have to put effort into what i leave the house in......because i have a job interview today. i'm hoping i don't jinx it by discussing it on blogger, but i have an interview! because (for those of you who don't know me and/or my blog) i need a!
quick recap - i graduated from college may of 2008. i got a job in retail, then tore my meniscus (left knee) and had to be "terminated," on good terms of course. well, i have been looking for a job ever since, and that was september. my search has yet to come to a close, but i am hoping one of these days i will find a job. i understand that it's tough but i continually get called on interviews and am then told there are no jobs (at my level) available. well shit, then why the f**k did you bring me all the way down here first thing in the morning?? i just don't get it. but i deal. i smile and am polite and still nada. please someone just give me a job already! seriously! don't make me take an unpaid (unappreciated) 3 month internship. please?

well, back to the fact that it is monday. yay! last night (sunday) i had no new tv, except for the 25 minutes long (but brilliant) united states of tara. if you have watched the show then you know why it's great but if not, it's hysterical. toni collette has dissociative identity disorder and has several distinct personalities. to say the least, her 'alters' come out when bad situations happen and tara can't handle them. great show. well tonight (monday) there are a bevy of new episodes and i am so excited! obviously number one is gossip girl. i am just so excited i can't even begin to tell you. i love blair and chuck together but i love blair and nate together even more. they belong together. we also have, one tree hill, house and my favorite abc family show, greek! i love mondays. i saw a preview for today's episode of house yesterday and it looks so good. house's patient is trapped inside of his own body. he is completely lucid but cannot actually speak or move. he is literally trapped in his own body. it should be a great episode.

now, i personally love the hotness that is johnny depp. he is an incredible actor, great father and is so damn sexy is kills me. it's the smile and eyes. he's mischievous and you want to know what he is thinking at all times. so here's some hot johnny.

i just want to run my hands through his gorgeous head of hair.

yesterday i saw: joel madden with harlow (such a beautiful little girl) and then i saw sir michael caine. i was driving with my friend allison and all of a sudden she looks over and points and just goes, "oh my gosh, there's michael caine." i really don't care about celebs that much but i know i have friends who love hearing about my sightings. but michael caine is kind of a big deal. cider house rules, anyone? anyone?

i had quite the day. oooh i am also going to make some sort of a headband. i will keep you all posted on that and will post pictures if it comes out ok. i am thinking nicole richie around-the head style headband. we'll see. hope everyone has a lovely monday and a great week!

oh my gosh! i almost didn't talk about basketball! oh lordy, the rants i could go on, but i won't. in case you didn't know, arizona is out. we lost to the overall number 1 seed, louisville in the sweet 16. we went down hard and it was dirty. it still stings a tiny bit. but yesterday, 2 of the 4 number 1 seeds lost, louisville and pittsburgh. i know a lot of people that were rooting for either of those teams to win it all - well too bad for them. before basketball season even started i said that unc was going to win it all. tyler hansborough (little biotch) wants it badly enough, he stayed for his senior year and he is going to go get it. he is going to take it, regardless of who he has to plow down to get there. this weekend we will see the university of connecticut (uconn) take on michigan state....go spartans! and we will also see villanova attempt to crush unc. villanova should be able to stay in it but it in the end it's going to go to unc. arizona is officially on the search for our new basketball coach and i am so interested to see who will end up at our (former) power-house of a school. i just want us to be great again. ok, basketball talk is over.

March 14, 2009

philanthropy and photography

today my mother and i went and helped out and an event held by a non-profit organization. the organization itself helps high risk youth and gives them a safe place to stay during the day, along with food, clothing and life skills classes (amongst others). it is a great organization to say the least and today they were having a bbq for many of the teens and young adults that come to the center. we prepared food and then passed it out. they also had two circus performers, one on stilts and one blowing fire. so cool and got some great pics. it felt so great helping out and i am hoping to make it a regular volunteer gig for myself. i might as well do something good since i have so much spare time right now.

here are some cool pics from today:

March 12, 2009


wow! so i just logged into my gmail and i see that i have a comment from a friend and the comment is on the post "i've been a bad sister." for a second i thought i had the wrong email, then i thought i had blacked out and written a mushy post to my older sister (because i haven't been the best) and then i went to my blog and what a surprise i received! oh my gosh! i flipped! it's beautiful! my sissy did the most amazing job and i am so excited to have a new fabulous blog design. it was much needed!! so thank you so much sissy for the amazingly fantabulous blog! it is gorgeous and is so me!

oooh and here is some hotness for your day.....since it's been like forever!! say the least. reese is one lucky lady!

I've been a BAD sister...

Hi everyone. This is Jessica's sister Danielle, aka The Design Girl (formerly Blogs by Danielle). I really should have thrown in Anastasia Beaverhausen. Another fabulous alias :) Oh, well. Yes, I'm the blog designer sister that let her poor little sis suffer with a Christmas design through March.

In short, I'm a horrible person.

Or not.

In my defense, I asked Jess to pick some files for me to look at, and when I didn't like any of them, she gave up.

This is SO not my fault.

Anyways, it's 1:14 in the morning and I tried to do something nice, because Jess stayed home all day waiting for my new imac to arrive.

I just did a pretty lousy makeover. So I just bought some new files and am about to redo it. In fact, they just finished downloading!

Blah. So bad.

New look should be up before all you normal people who don't work until 1:00am wake up.

I really need to go to sleep. After I do my sister's blog.

I should mention that she has no idea I am doing this.

Don't say I never did anything for you.


The Design Girl

March 11, 2009


my friend j gave me a blog award! woo! but not just any award, the sexy blogger award. i am pretty sexy......what can i say? oh.....i should probably go with thank you. thank you!!! you're pretty sexy too j. work it!

the rules: list 5 sexy things about yourself and pass it on to 5 'sexy' bloggers. fun! ok...well i don't know how i feel about talking about myself in such a manner but why not. gotta be fierce!

1. i have super long legs - they are nice

2. i have rather (natural) pouty collagen here

3. my nails are a very sexy dark purple (thanks for the nails polish idea j)

4. i can talk sports with any man

5. i like to drive fast

the five sexy bloggers i would like to pass this award on to are: pinknik, miss jodie, leigh, sequoya and kate! do your thing sexy ladies!!!

omg! i am going to the arizona v asu game tomorrow! it's the quarterfinals of the pac-10 tournament and i am so excited! go cats!

March 9, 2009


tonight was the dancing with the stars premiere! i love watching it, partially because of the tacky costumes and partially because my 90 year old great aunt rose watches it so it gives us something to chat about. but i must say that this season is shaping up to be a good one. there are some very interesting characters and i am excited to see where it goes. my loves so far are shawn johnson (how can you not love her?) and melissa (the dumped first choice) from the bachelor. melissa was damn good and only had two full days to prepare. that's pretty insane! melissa and holly madison (hef's ex girlfriend) were the two last minute additions. nancy o'dell (annoying) and jewel (needs ivisalign but great singer) both injured themselves and therefore had to pull out of the competition. melissa was a fabulous addition, however, holly (who had 5 days to practice vs melissa's 2) sucked. she was awkward and totally ungraceful but on the bright side her orange dress matched her skin perfectly. denise richards pisses me off. she is a tart. she cannot act and she wasn't even that great tonight. she was similar to holly - totally awkward and uncomfortable. maybe next week will be better for those who did poorly. steve-o (from jackass) is also on dwts this seaon and he is surprisingly good and rather graceful. i also must admit that he kind of cleans up really nicely and looks good now that he is sober (thank you rehab) and dancing all day.

have you heard about the latest britney scandal? apparently at her last show, as she was being lowered under the stage she said into her live mic (about a wardrobe malfunction) my "p*ssy was hanging out." hilarious! i guess her costume hiked up and brit felt uncomfortable and then forgot that her mic was on. mind you, i don't understand why her mic was on, she doesn't actually sing but ok. it's still really hilarious.

well.....arizona beat stanford in our last pac-10 game of the regular season! thank god too. that game was a serious must win for us. we are 9-9 in the pac and 18-12 over all. hopefully (and it looks like most likely) arizona will be going to the ncaa tournament in 2 weeks. hopefully we will keep our 24 consecutive appearances record in tact.

ooooh, i am also really excited for 'i love you man,' the new paul rudd and jason segel movie. it looks hilarious. plus i think both of them are sexy so it's a double bonus. woo!

March 5, 2009

fuck you rant and other things

fuck you lute olsen. fuck you for taking a leave of absence for a year because your wife divorced you. fuck you for coming back and subsequently firing kevin o'neill (our interim head coach). fuck you for once again leaving and retiring for good. fuck you for leaving us with a know-nothing no-name assistant coach for a head coach. fuck you for making us lose kevin o'neill, a coach that will go and create an incredible program that will become a final four team. fuck you lute. fuck you.
arizona lost tonight to cal and we could have potentially lost our bid to the ncaa tournament later this month. arizona is now 9-9 for the season and we play stanford on saturday - and they beat asu (#21) tonight. not good. i am scared. we are now on a 4 game losing streak, our longest since 1987 (+-2). arizona is screwed and it is all your fault lute. apparently if arizona isn't being led by lute then they cannot be winners. lute was at arizona for 23 years and we went to the tournament every single year and won the ncaa title in 1997. lute is gone and our legacy is quickly leaving with him. it hurts to watch. my first year at arizona we went to the elite 8. we were playing the #1 team in the nation, the university of illinois, and we were up by 15 with 2.5 minutes left. by the ending buzzer we were tied. arizona let it slip out of their hands in 2.5 minutes. we went into overtime and officially lost after 5 more heinously painful minutes. we haven't gotten past the 2nd round since. this year we may not even make it to the first round. hopefully we can win this weekend and hopefully we can do really well in the pac-10 tournament next week. i'm praying for you zona, don't fuck it up.

now it's time for my latest anger/rage inducing story.....i went on a job interview the other day. an interview that was set up specifically because last time i interviewed with them they did not have a job. well, they supposedly had a job this time. so i go in there, mind you it took me forever to get ready i nit-pick about it all and it drives me insane, and we sit down and we chat for a minute and then the woman proceeds to tell me that they have no entry level positions. she then spends the next ten or so minutes telling me to keep in contact and that they would be in contact if anything opened up. i cannot even begin to tell you, blogger universe, how badly i wanted to reach across the desk and strangle her. this woman didn't even have the courtesy to bring me into her office. she met with me in an empty office in human resources....oh, and she kept me waiting and then she does this. i wanted to scream. this does not help boost my confidence that i will find a job. it was like being slapped in the face over and over again and being told you're an incompetent moron. it sucks. i might be acting dramatic but believe me if this is what you had been hearing for over 9 months you would feel the same way. i finally thought i might have actually have a chance at a job and then woops, the rug was pulled out from under me. all i want is a job. is that too much to ask???

so there are major major rumors swirling that rihanna and chris brown got married. i was saying to my friends yesterday that if they were married she cannot be forced to testify against him. remember also, that she is not pressing charges, the d.a. is. rihanna is a witness and if they are married the law states that she does not have to testify against her husband. it's kind of genius and kind of terrifying at the same time. it's also interesting because we know that she cooperated with the police in the initial stages of the investigation. clearly she is a little f*cked in the head. but if they are married and she refuses to testify that is going to be a bit of a blow to the case, although there is photographic evidence. it is so interesting but obviously we are only ever going to know so much because (as far as i know) we are not chris brown and rihanna. chris received two charges: assault and making criminal threats and his court date was postponed until april 6th so we have to wait til then to see what happens. but believe me i will keep this blog updated if anything happens.

one of our four cats is in mine and my sister's room with me right now. he came out from under my bed and proceeded to go over to my sister's bed. he was at the foot and was checking out the bed and all of a sudden he got the duvet over his head and was climbing up into the bed under the duvet. he is now situated in a lump (under the duvet) at the foot of my sister's bed. it's hysterical. he is also a very awkward cat so watching him do this was hysterically entertaining.

that lump at the end of the bed, that's bosco.

what i am loving right now (listen to it loudly).....

so juicy and bubbly and fun!!

March 3, 2009


oh my gosh! it looks so good! i am so jealous that i am not going (at least as of right now)

amazing! bitch is back!!

March 2, 2009

march madness!

i cannot f*cking believe it's already march. it's absolutely insane. but on the bright side only two months and three days until my birthday!!! i love my birthday. being the middle child, it is the one day of the year where it is just about me and no one else. it's pretty great. this is also the first time in four years that i will be home for my birthday - i have spent my passed four birthdays at college in fabulous arizona.
march is also the host of march madness. i love college basketball and march madness is what i wait for once basketball season starts. it is so exciting and now that i am home i have all the sports channels so i can essentially watch any and every basketball game during the tournament. so exciting! hopefully, if arizona doesn't mess up this week we will be one of the four pac-10 teams going to the tourney. arizona is also playing it's biggest competition for that fourth slot - cal. not good. at least we play them at arizona. we need this. arizona has a serious legacy to uphold.....24 consecutive ncaa tournaments. it doesn't get much better than that. no really, it doesn't. you can go check. i can't believe that basketball season is coming to a close soon. it makes me sad. i love watching the games but once the season ends that means nba draft time! it looks as though arizona will lose it's top three guys to the draft and there is serious talk that one of them, jordan hill, could (and probably will) go in the top 10. crazy stuff. chase, jordan and nick will be missed.....seriously. i am petrified for our team next year. we have a lot of work to do.

so tonight is the bachelor season finale. i am excited and nervous. i cannot wait to see what happens. although i must stay, i am going to be disappointed with his choice either way because i wanted him to pick jillian. also, deanna is coming back tonight. she screwed up last time not picking jason and it seems that the producers wanted her to come back and beg for jason to be with her....ugh so typical and stupid. the producers need to be more creative.
still no gossip girl tonight, but i believe it comes back next week, thankfully. i must admit i am ridiculously obsessed with it, it's gross. and it doesn't help that there are beautiful clothes and accessories in each scene. i love it!
are any of your readers house fans? i recently found house and fell in love and am now totally addicted. first of all, house is so sexy it's ridiculous, second i love jesse spencer and third i love robert sean leonard and have since i first saw much ado about nothing and the dead poets society. if you haven't seen d.p.s. rent it immediately. it's great.
right now i am watching sister sister and i must tell you what one of the twins is wearing. there is nothing ok about this outfit: jeans that are covered in a light blue and white 'cloud' print, a bright yellow cropped and frayed denim jacket and a t-shirt (tucked in) that has a blue flower print. it was kind of an eyesore. but i do love this show, such a guilty pleasure.

ok i really must get off of here and scour for a job. i really need one of those damn things, even though no one seems to want to hire me.