March 2, 2009

march madness!

i cannot f*cking believe it's already march. it's absolutely insane. but on the bright side only two months and three days until my birthday!!! i love my birthday. being the middle child, it is the one day of the year where it is just about me and no one else. it's pretty great. this is also the first time in four years that i will be home for my birthday - i have spent my passed four birthdays at college in fabulous arizona.
march is also the host of march madness. i love college basketball and march madness is what i wait for once basketball season starts. it is so exciting and now that i am home i have all the sports channels so i can essentially watch any and every basketball game during the tournament. so exciting! hopefully, if arizona doesn't mess up this week we will be one of the four pac-10 teams going to the tourney. arizona is also playing it's biggest competition for that fourth slot - cal. not good. at least we play them at arizona. we need this. arizona has a serious legacy to uphold.....24 consecutive ncaa tournaments. it doesn't get much better than that. no really, it doesn't. you can go check. i can't believe that basketball season is coming to a close soon. it makes me sad. i love watching the games but once the season ends that means nba draft time! it looks as though arizona will lose it's top three guys to the draft and there is serious talk that one of them, jordan hill, could (and probably will) go in the top 10. crazy stuff. chase, jordan and nick will be missed.....seriously. i am petrified for our team next year. we have a lot of work to do.

so tonight is the bachelor season finale. i am excited and nervous. i cannot wait to see what happens. although i must stay, i am going to be disappointed with his choice either way because i wanted him to pick jillian. also, deanna is coming back tonight. she screwed up last time not picking jason and it seems that the producers wanted her to come back and beg for jason to be with her....ugh so typical and stupid. the producers need to be more creative.
still no gossip girl tonight, but i believe it comes back next week, thankfully. i must admit i am ridiculously obsessed with it, it's gross. and it doesn't help that there are beautiful clothes and accessories in each scene. i love it!
are any of your readers house fans? i recently found house and fell in love and am now totally addicted. first of all, house is so sexy it's ridiculous, second i love jesse spencer and third i love robert sean leonard and have since i first saw much ado about nothing and the dead poets society. if you haven't seen d.p.s. rent it immediately. it's great.
right now i am watching sister sister and i must tell you what one of the twins is wearing. there is nothing ok about this outfit: jeans that are covered in a light blue and white 'cloud' print, a bright yellow cropped and frayed denim jacket and a t-shirt (tucked in) that has a blue flower print. it was kind of an eyesore. but i do love this show, such a guilty pleasure.

ok i really must get off of here and scour for a job. i really need one of those damn things, even though no one seems to want to hire me.


  1. I can't wait for The Bachelor either!!! It's going to be sooo good.

  2. Oh House is the best! I know what you mean about birthdays. Mine is two months and 4 days away now and I am counting it down! Enjoy March Maddness!