March 9, 2009


tonight was the dancing with the stars premiere! i love watching it, partially because of the tacky costumes and partially because my 90 year old great aunt rose watches it so it gives us something to chat about. but i must say that this season is shaping up to be a good one. there are some very interesting characters and i am excited to see where it goes. my loves so far are shawn johnson (how can you not love her?) and melissa (the dumped first choice) from the bachelor. melissa was damn good and only had two full days to prepare. that's pretty insane! melissa and holly madison (hef's ex girlfriend) were the two last minute additions. nancy o'dell (annoying) and jewel (needs ivisalign but great singer) both injured themselves and therefore had to pull out of the competition. melissa was a fabulous addition, however, holly (who had 5 days to practice vs melissa's 2) sucked. she was awkward and totally ungraceful but on the bright side her orange dress matched her skin perfectly. denise richards pisses me off. she is a tart. she cannot act and she wasn't even that great tonight. she was similar to holly - totally awkward and uncomfortable. maybe next week will be better for those who did poorly. steve-o (from jackass) is also on dwts this seaon and he is surprisingly good and rather graceful. i also must admit that he kind of cleans up really nicely and looks good now that he is sober (thank you rehab) and dancing all day.

have you heard about the latest britney scandal? apparently at her last show, as she was being lowered under the stage she said into her live mic (about a wardrobe malfunction) my "p*ssy was hanging out." hilarious! i guess her costume hiked up and brit felt uncomfortable and then forgot that her mic was on. mind you, i don't understand why her mic was on, she doesn't actually sing but ok. it's still really hilarious.

well.....arizona beat stanford in our last pac-10 game of the regular season! thank god too. that game was a serious must win for us. we are 9-9 in the pac and 18-12 over all. hopefully (and it looks like most likely) arizona will be going to the ncaa tournament in 2 weeks. hopefully we will keep our 24 consecutive appearances record in tact.

ooooh, i am also really excited for 'i love you man,' the new paul rudd and jason segel movie. it looks hilarious. plus i think both of them are sexy so it's a double bonus. woo!

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