March 5, 2009

fuck you rant and other things

fuck you lute olsen. fuck you for taking a leave of absence for a year because your wife divorced you. fuck you for coming back and subsequently firing kevin o'neill (our interim head coach). fuck you for once again leaving and retiring for good. fuck you for leaving us with a know-nothing no-name assistant coach for a head coach. fuck you for making us lose kevin o'neill, a coach that will go and create an incredible program that will become a final four team. fuck you lute. fuck you.
arizona lost tonight to cal and we could have potentially lost our bid to the ncaa tournament later this month. arizona is now 9-9 for the season and we play stanford on saturday - and they beat asu (#21) tonight. not good. i am scared. we are now on a 4 game losing streak, our longest since 1987 (+-2). arizona is screwed and it is all your fault lute. apparently if arizona isn't being led by lute then they cannot be winners. lute was at arizona for 23 years and we went to the tournament every single year and won the ncaa title in 1997. lute is gone and our legacy is quickly leaving with him. it hurts to watch. my first year at arizona we went to the elite 8. we were playing the #1 team in the nation, the university of illinois, and we were up by 15 with 2.5 minutes left. by the ending buzzer we were tied. arizona let it slip out of their hands in 2.5 minutes. we went into overtime and officially lost after 5 more heinously painful minutes. we haven't gotten past the 2nd round since. this year we may not even make it to the first round. hopefully we can win this weekend and hopefully we can do really well in the pac-10 tournament next week. i'm praying for you zona, don't fuck it up.

now it's time for my latest anger/rage inducing story.....i went on a job interview the other day. an interview that was set up specifically because last time i interviewed with them they did not have a job. well, they supposedly had a job this time. so i go in there, mind you it took me forever to get ready i nit-pick about it all and it drives me insane, and we sit down and we chat for a minute and then the woman proceeds to tell me that they have no entry level positions. she then spends the next ten or so minutes telling me to keep in contact and that they would be in contact if anything opened up. i cannot even begin to tell you, blogger universe, how badly i wanted to reach across the desk and strangle her. this woman didn't even have the courtesy to bring me into her office. she met with me in an empty office in human resources....oh, and she kept me waiting and then she does this. i wanted to scream. this does not help boost my confidence that i will find a job. it was like being slapped in the face over and over again and being told you're an incompetent moron. it sucks. i might be acting dramatic but believe me if this is what you had been hearing for over 9 months you would feel the same way. i finally thought i might have actually have a chance at a job and then woops, the rug was pulled out from under me. all i want is a job. is that too much to ask???

so there are major major rumors swirling that rihanna and chris brown got married. i was saying to my friends yesterday that if they were married she cannot be forced to testify against him. remember also, that she is not pressing charges, the d.a. is. rihanna is a witness and if they are married the law states that she does not have to testify against her husband. it's kind of genius and kind of terrifying at the same time. it's also interesting because we know that she cooperated with the police in the initial stages of the investigation. clearly she is a little f*cked in the head. but if they are married and she refuses to testify that is going to be a bit of a blow to the case, although there is photographic evidence. it is so interesting but obviously we are only ever going to know so much because (as far as i know) we are not chris brown and rihanna. chris received two charges: assault and making criminal threats and his court date was postponed until april 6th so we have to wait til then to see what happens. but believe me i will keep this blog updated if anything happens.

one of our four cats is in mine and my sister's room with me right now. he came out from under my bed and proceeded to go over to my sister's bed. he was at the foot and was checking out the bed and all of a sudden he got the duvet over his head and was climbing up into the bed under the duvet. he is now situated in a lump (under the duvet) at the foot of my sister's bed. it's hysterical. he is also a very awkward cat so watching him do this was hysterically entertaining.

that lump at the end of the bed, that's bosco.

what i am loving right now (listen to it loudly).....

so juicy and bubbly and fun!!


  1. This is so funny! I agree with everything!!!!! Xoxo

  2. Well, I don't really understand sports. Sorry. Love that Bosco Buttons. So handsome. And strange.