March 11, 2009


my friend j gave me a blog award! woo! but not just any award, the sexy blogger award. i am pretty sexy......what can i say? oh.....i should probably go with thank you. thank you!!! you're pretty sexy too j. work it!

the rules: list 5 sexy things about yourself and pass it on to 5 'sexy' bloggers. fun! ok...well i don't know how i feel about talking about myself in such a manner but why not. gotta be fierce!

1. i have super long legs - they are nice

2. i have rather (natural) pouty collagen here

3. my nails are a very sexy dark purple (thanks for the nails polish idea j)

4. i can talk sports with any man

5. i like to drive fast

the five sexy bloggers i would like to pass this award on to are: pinknik, miss jodie, leigh, sequoya and kate! do your thing sexy ladies!!!

omg! i am going to the arizona v asu game tomorrow! it's the quarterfinals of the pac-10 tournament and i am so excited! go cats!


  1. Whoo! You are sexy!! And you have a sexy, Whitney voice.

  2. woot woot ;P thank you sweetie :)

  3. How fun! Congrats on the award - I would say you deserve this award since you used to always share some sexy man of the moment with us!

  4. This made my day! Sorry I missed you in LA. Hopefully I;ll be back this summer