May 5, 2011

cinco de mayo

hola! it's cinco de mayo!! consequently, it happens to be my 25th birthday.

me, the sissy and the mouse himself at one of my many chuck e cheese birthdays

i feel old. i used to spend my birthdays at chuck e cheese and now i spend my birthday drinking margaritas. oh how life changes.

March 5, 2011

March 4, 2011

ragin cajun

i had lunch at this great cajun restaurant called harold & belle's. it's down near the university of spoiled children southern california and it is delicious.

shrimp and crawfish etouffee

bread pudding
the only other bread pudding i've ever had is my mothers and her's is incredible. this most definitely rivals it.

harold & belle's 
2920 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90018

(323) 735-9023
open: 7 days a week

peace & love

March 3, 2011

one of my favorite days of the year

i'm a few days late, but i just have to document the delicious couture at this year's academy awards.

my winner for the night was cate blanchett. she looked absolutely incredible in her lavender givenchy. the dress was absolutely stunning with its leather pearls and crystals.


my other favorite also happened to be lavender. mila kunis in elie saab.


obviously anne hathaway was perfection in everything she wore. my favorites were the vintage valentino (on the carpet), the silver beaded fringe oscar de la renta and the white givenchy embellished with crystals. amazing.


the silver oscar de la renta is one of my favorite anne hathaway moments. she loved that you can clearly see above. rachel zoe (my icon) did an incredible always.

i already miss the pretty dresses.

peace & love

February 24, 2011


the soon-to-be newest edition to my life. my new gold chrome incase iphone 4 case. it also comes in black and silver....but i looove gold. it's just fabulous.
i am a happy happy girl!

peace & love

February 23, 2011

the king reigns

i finally saw the king's speech and it was incredible. it was lovely and touching and gorgeous and colin firth did an incredible job. it is definitely my favorite movie of the year and my front runner for the best picture oscar. and i think we are already know that mr. firth will be getting up this year to accept his best actor oscar. i am too excited!

what do you think? did you see the king's speech?

and is anyone else as excited as i am to see james franco and anne hathaway host? i am so so happy with the choice of hosts this year. amazing!!

are you excited for the oscars?

peace & love

February 22, 2011

tacky tuesday

tacky tuesday is back and it's better than ever!

i saw this one on my lunch break from work and it was e.p.i.c. in every way. brace yourselves.....

beautiful, right?

peace & love

February 21, 2011

some favorites

some of my favorite hipstamatic photos on this lazy work-less monday.....

peace & love

February 20, 2011

one life goal down.....

and many, many more to go!

but.......i finally learned how to knit! granted, i can only do one stitch (i apparently unknowingly purled once) but i learned how to knit. it is kind of exciting.

as you can see, i am unbelievably skilled. (thumbs up).

i learned how to knit at this great store called wildfiber, in santa monica. they have all sorts of classes and they sell yarn, books and some finished products. it's an adorable and colorful store and is incredibly cozy. the staff are also extremely nice and patient (which i needed).


1453 14th Street Suite E
Santa Monica, California 90404

Open: Tuesday - Satuday
Hours: vary 

do you know how to knit? what's your favorite thing that you've made? any tips for a beginner?

peace & love

February 19, 2011

cheers to the weekend

the long weekend could not have started out any amazing dinner with a dear friend.

we went to the burger kitchen - a delicious restaurant specializing in burgers (kobe beef or 40 day aged, anyone?). g and i had a great time. there was almost no one there when we arrived, but many came and went while we were lingering over dinner and drinks.

g had the 'capitol' burger and she loved least i'm guessing she did, since there was nothing left.

capitol burger - beef patty, lettuce, glazed granny smith apples, applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese

i had the southwestern burger. i can, and will, say that it is unquestionably the best burger i have ever had. i want another.

southwestern burger - turkey patty, avocado, roasted corn relish, thousand island, fresh spinach, tomato

g and i also shared the sweet potato fries. of course, they were delicious and came in a seemingly never-ending cone. and don't forget the ranch.

sweet potato fries

they also have dessert, but we did not see the need for that.

burger kitchen
8048 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA 90048

(323) 944-0503
Open: 7 days a week 
Hours: 11am - 11pm

it's nba all-star weekend in la. the city is buzzing with people in town for the festivities. i am particularly excited for tonight's dunk contest. i am cannot wait to see what blake griffin comes up with. 

should be interesting.

are you excited for all-star weekend 2011?

peace & love 

February 18, 2011

has the princess reclaimed her throne?

the original princess of pop, miss britney jean spears is back and i must say that i have missed her!


last night, after/during/before the jersey shore shittiest piece of crap on tv , her new video for hold it against me premiered. i just caught it this morning and i am both impressed and left wanting. brit looks hot, no doubt about that. the close-ups of her face are gorgeous and her extensions look flawless (thank g-d!). but when it comes to the dancing, her moves aren't tight. she is no longer the britney from baby one more time - which we get flashes of in the video. she looks good, don't get me wrong, but the dancing didn't seem on par with the britney of yesteryear.

you can check out the video here

i do, however, LOVE the homage to rocky horror with the bright red lips on black. and the video in general. jonas akerlund, the director, did a phenomenal job.

what do you think? is it britney's best?

peace & love

i'm a gleek and i'm proud

i have always been fascinated by those with great talent, and the cast of glee is no exception. not only are they all incredibly talented but the show is insanely addictive. it is a fantastic melding of amazing music and social commentary. they have some pretty amazing ways of dealing with homosexuality, bullying and general high school drama.

my favorite characters have to be brittany and santana. the two of them are brilliant. on this week's episode, santana came out with this gem after she comes to school dressed like rachel in a pleated skirt, sweater with a carousel horse on it and knee highs, "i look hot and smart. i feel like michelle obama." she said the following to one of the guys on the show, "i'm giving you full visitation rights to the twins that reside on my rib cage."

now, brittany's golden nuggets of brilliance are completely ridiculous and amazing. such as, ''did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?...yeah.'' fantastic. and my all-time favorite, "you're pretty much the only guy in this school I haven't made out with because I thought you were capital g gay. but now that i know you're not, having a perfect record would mean a lot to me. let me know if you wanna tap this."

thank you santana and brittany, for your continued brilliance and witty anecdotes.

yep.....i'm a gleek.
are you??

February 17, 2011

chicks dig sports too...

that's right! we do. well, at least i do.

sports have been known to cause me great anxiety, heart-burn, aggrevation and so much more. no matter how many times i have seen my teams fail i will never stop believing in them or loving them.

with this love also comes great hatred.....for my rivals, that is. there is nothing like a university of arizona game day where our opponant is the arizona state sun devils (aka scum devils). my younger sister is a sun devil and we have started an amazing family rivalry. it is definitely one for the ages.

with these rivalries comes a fair amount of smack-talking, one of my favorite pastimes. i do, however, take issue with those who dish it but can't take it. as well as those who don't talk smack until after they win the big game. i would like to call that un-unsportsmanlike conduct. you can't have it both ways. i recently had this discussion with my little sister prior to our big rivalry football game. i was playing with her all week, talking up my team, and she never said a word. then game day came and her team beat my team by a single point (a bad field goal kick) and she would not shut up. she called me 8 times in a row and texted several times as well. not cool.

it definitely makes for interesting conversation
are you a house divided?

peace & love

February 16, 2011

completely and totally....


who watches it? it is unquestionably my favorite new show and adds some serious fun to sunday nights. between the constant drama on housewives and the constant drama on big love, shameless is the delicious bit of fun my sunday needs.

the show centers around a dysfunctional and highly likable family living in present-day chicago. there are 6 kids total, ranging from not even 2 years to just over 21. fiona, the eldest, is the family's rock. their father, frank, is an alcoholic who moved out of his house and into his son's girlfriend's house because he is currently in a relationship with her mother. the mother, joan cusack (!) is brilliant. she is agoraphobic and anyone that enters the house must immediately remove their shoes and put them in a plastic bag. she is also a sexual sadist.....which just adds a little spice.

such fun! are you shameless?

on a side note, this is my 100th blog post!! kind of exciting. is anyone out there to share it with me? if you are, hello! welcome to my blog. kick back. relax. take your shoes off. enjoy yourself! that's why i'm here.

peace & love

February 15, 2011


my newest obsession are these amazing sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips. you can get them are most drug stores in the nail/makeup section.

they come in a variety of colors and designs (i am obsessed all of the funky different designs - butterflies!) and go on with little trouble. it can be slightly difficult at first, because like anyone who appreciates a good manicure, i want them to be perfect....but once you get the hang of it you're done in a few minutes. and the final product is totally worth the work.


i currently have the fishnet looking ones on my nails

completely and totally obsessed. and going on day 5 and they are still perfect.

which one is your favorite?

peace & love

February 14, 2011

well hello there.....

happy valentines day singles awareness day february 14th, all.

wow! it has been a-while. have you missed me? didn't think so.

i would like to thank my sissyface for the new (and totally fabulous) blog design. simple. streamlined. chic.

so there is only one topic that is truly appropriate as my first post after such a long break.
three words: born. this. way.


have you heard it yet? yes? good! if not, immediately go and download it via the method illegal website of your choice. it is truly epic.

only lady gaga has the ability to make a song that is both socially relevant and a booty-shaker. it really makes you want to get up and dance.

and now for my favorite lyrics:

"whether life's disabilities
left you outcast, bullied or teased
rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were born this way."

i was born to be brave!
peace & love