February 15, 2011


my newest obsession are these amazing sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips. you can get them are most drug stores in the nail/makeup section.

they come in a variety of colors and designs (i am obsessed all of the funky different designs - butterflies!) and go on with little trouble. it can be slightly difficult at first, because like anyone who appreciates a good manicure, i want them to be perfect....but once you get the hang of it you're done in a few minutes. and the final product is totally worth the work.


i currently have the fishnet looking ones on my nails

completely and totally obsessed. and going on day 5 and they are still perfect.

which one is your favorite?

peace & love


  1. cool, those are neat! i'm going to have to find them and try it out...although i'm horrible at doing my nails so it may take me hundreds of tries before i get it.

  2. When you come visit I want you to put these on me. Or do you think I could do it? I am NOT good at this sort of thing.

  3. I love the leopard and the bright floral craziness and the glitter and where did you get these??? I read somewhere that they won't be in stores until March!