February 14, 2011

well hello there.....

happy valentines day singles awareness day february 14th, all.

wow! it has been a-while. have you missed me? didn't think so.

i would like to thank my sissyface for the new (and totally fabulous) blog design. simple. streamlined. chic.

so there is only one topic that is truly appropriate as my first post after such a long break.
three words: born. this. way.


have you heard it yet? yes? good! if not, immediately go and download it via the method illegal website of your choice. it is truly epic.

only lady gaga has the ability to make a song that is both socially relevant and a booty-shaker. it really makes you want to get up and dance.

and now for my favorite lyrics:

"whether life's disabilities
left you outcast, bullied or teased
rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were born this way."

i was born to be brave!
peace & love

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  1. Welcome back. You had better actually use the blog this time, because I spent time designing it. If you don't use it, you owe me $80. Haha.