February 16, 2011

completely and totally....


who watches it? it is unquestionably my favorite new show and adds some serious fun to sunday nights. between the constant drama on housewives and the constant drama on big love, shameless is the delicious bit of fun my sunday needs.

the show centers around a dysfunctional and highly likable family living in present-day chicago. there are 6 kids total, ranging from not even 2 years to just over 21. fiona, the eldest, is the family's rock. their father, frank, is an alcoholic who moved out of his house and into his son's girlfriend's house because he is currently in a relationship with her mother. the mother, joan cusack (!) is brilliant. she is agoraphobic and anyone that enters the house must immediately remove their shoes and put them in a plastic bag. she is also a sexual sadist.....which just adds a little spice.

such fun! are you shameless?

on a side note, this is my 100th blog post!! kind of exciting. is anyone out there to share it with me? if you are, hello! welcome to my blog. kick back. relax. take your shoes off. enjoy yourself! that's why i'm here.

peace & love


  1. I LOVE that show. So so good. And congrats on your 100th post in 3 years. Quite the accomplishment. Way to set the bar low.