February 17, 2011

chicks dig sports too...

that's right! we do. well, at least i do.

sports have been known to cause me great anxiety, heart-burn, aggrevation and so much more. no matter how many times i have seen my teams fail i will never stop believing in them or loving them.

with this love also comes great hatred.....for my rivals, that is. there is nothing like a university of arizona game day where our opponant is the arizona state sun devils (aka scum devils). my younger sister is a sun devil and we have started an amazing family rivalry. it is definitely one for the ages.

with these rivalries comes a fair amount of smack-talking, one of my favorite pastimes. i do, however, take issue with those who dish it but can't take it. as well as those who don't talk smack until after they win the big game. i would like to call that un-unsportsmanlike conduct. you can't have it both ways. i recently had this discussion with my little sister prior to our big rivalry football game. i was playing with her all week, talking up my team, and she never said a word. then game day came and her team beat my team by a single point (a bad field goal kick) and she would not shut up. she called me 8 times in a row and texted several times as well. not cool.

it definitely makes for interesting conversation
are you a house divided?

peace & love

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