July 29, 2009

i believe!

jillian and ed are still together! she's moving into his place in chicago! and they plan to get married in the next 12 months! ahhhh! are we going to have our second (i think) successful season of the reality show?? i freakin hope so! i believe in jillian and ed...i really do. and i really believe that they can stay together and make it work (thank you mr. gunn). oh god, now i want to talk about project runway.....later....patience is key. ok, so jillian and ed, i was saying from the beginning of this season that the vibe of the show felt different than past seasons. i believed that jillian was different than every other bachelor or bachelorette, meaning that, i felt that she was looking at the situation differently, especially because she said from the get-go that being engaged at the end of this was not her goal, her goal was to find someone she could get engaged to. well, i think she's a smart girl and she knows what she wants and she's ready to get it. jillian, if for some crazy ass reason you happen to read this (doubtful, but still)......you go get it girl! you deserve it! you're fabulous!

July 28, 2009

i love you, get the f*ck out of my room……and other random musings, as well as tacky tuesday

not sure if i have mentioned it but i share a room with my younger sister. she is going to be a senior in high school in the fall and to say that we are different people would be an understatement. she’s short, i’m tall. i'm 23, she's 16. she wears her hair curly, i wear mine straight. she's a fan of awkward high-top converse, i prefer fashionable sandals and the occasional heel. she listens to music that is either people screaming or sounds like dying cats, i listen to the beatles and kelly clarkson (amongst many others). i’m a fan of making my bed every morning, she is not. those are just a few of our many (wonderful) differences. i love my little sister, but i want her get the f*ck out of my room. thankfully my wish will soon come true. little sister is moving into our former garage/converted office. my dreams are coming true. at the age of 23 i will finally (finally!) have my own room. woo! now only if i can get a lock on my door….

my digital camera is basically dead. so sad. and what’s worse is that if i want a new one i have to either buy it myself or wait until christmas (december!) or my birthday (may…too far). Neither of those options sound too good. i am trying to save money and kind of just bought a rather large purchase and don’t really want to go spend another (around) $200. note to reader: i probably will, regardless of what is said here.

now, my rather large purchase is…......a new car! i got myself (really, all by myself) a brand new honda fit.

isn’t it so f-ing cute? it’s name is nug. it doesn’t really have a gender...it’s just nug. i used to have a jeep and i just couldn’t stand having an suv in this city anymore. it was chugging gas faster than drunk college girl chugs beer at a frat party. so i decided to get rid of it. i hadn’t initially thought i was going to get a car that day but i test drove 3 cars at honda (the fit was the 3rd...time's the charm) and i fell in love. we are totally bff and nug gets fab mileage. it has a 10 gallon tank and i got almost 250 miles (basically all street) on it in one tank. my jeep had a 20 gallon tank and got just over 200. (math time) so, i spend half as much on gas and fill up less often. i would say that mathematically that amazing and a worthwhile purchase. go me!

and now for tacky tuesday. this one is a doozey. i wish my camera was working so that the photograph was better, or that i could find it online, but i was able to snap a shot with my phone camera. enjoy the tack.

how bad is it? seriously? scale of 1 to 10. 1 being not tacky at all and 10 being “oh my gosh i could throw up and die from the tack.” it’s painful. in case you can’t tell, that is a pastel pumpkin wish fish coming out of it. i don’t know why, how, who, where, what. i know nothing except that it is terrifyingly tacky. so s clearly had to share.

next! woo! tv time! my sissy and her friend were having a convo and her friend said that, and i quote "tv is awesome." i must say that i agree whole-heartedly. tv is awesome.

the bachelorette season finale was last night and jillian chose ed. i love ed! i was sad when he left and happy when he came back. he fits her nicely. if the 'after the final rose' show wasn't on so late i would post this after, but i guess i'll just have to post again tomorrow about what happens.

until then, my friends........

July 16, 2009

thirsty thursday

hello there! welcome to thirsty thursday at the shiny penny. thirsty thursday is new and exciting. each week i will post a yummy cocktail recipe for your enjoyment. use them, don't use them....i don't care.

thirsty thursday's origins lie in in tucson at the u. when i was in college, thursday was a huge party night and eventually we got to calling thursday, thirsty thursday. it stuck. now i bring you a slightly less raucous version of thirsty thursday.

here we go.....

i like to call this pompagne (it sounds awkward but keep saying it and you'll like it too)

what you need:
-champagne flute
-champagne (chilled)
-pomegranate (chilled)
-pomegranate seeds (chilled)

to make:
-pour champagne into flute (leave about an inch of space in flute)
-pour (hefty) splash of pomegranate juice into flute
-scoop teaspoon of pomegranate seeds into drink


July 15, 2009

coming to a magazine stand near you.....the lauren conrad cartoon

well, well, well....look who finally got their own comic book.

oh wait, that's supposed to actually be lauren on the cover of shape. that's hysterical. can you say retouched??

ps - i'm talking about her face, btw......although her body is probably retouched as well.

it's back.....

the daily sexy is back. it went away for quite some time but it's back and this one is damn good.


thank you wired magazine! i had no idea brad was a techie.

coming soon (next tuesday) to the shiny penny is "tacky tuesdays!" get excited! it's going to be epic. i love tack. it's my favorite thing in the entire world, so we will now have tacky tuesdays. now, i cannot take credit for this idea, it was given to me by my sissy and our friend j. the two of them are brilliant.

and remember to follow me on twitter! if you don't have it, get it. it's addicting!!

July 13, 2009

weekend warriors

happy monday morning, kiddos. the weekend's over. who's sad?? i am!

it was a pretty good weekend. one of my friends from college was in town and i got to see him and some other people. it was really nice to see friends that i hadn't seen in a while. i enjoy a good reunion.

here are some of my fabulous photos from the weekend. the first one is just about the classiest thing i have ever seen in my life.

a two-piece suit for $5?!? hot dog, what a deal! and it comes cleaned and pressed. well, isn't that fancy.

see, now these are fancy. who doesn't love cupcakes? my friend that was visiting from out of town does. so of course we got some cupcakes to celebrate his visit and his recent college graduation.

and how cute is the polk-a-dot one?? adorable.

so, who watched entourage last night? i did! thoughts? i didn't hate it, truthfully. i had set myself up that this season was going to suck but the premiere was entertaining. the biggest draw for me is still ari and lloyd and their relationship. if they get rid of lloyd (in any way) i would be devastated. ari and lloyd were at their best a few seasons ago, particularly where lloyd is still growing on ari. i especially love the one where lloyd is dressed all crazy and he asks ari if he likes his outfit and ari's response is, "you look like michelle kwan in drag." total brilliance.
what's your favorite ari/lloyd moment? or perhaps, favorite entourage moment??

does anyone reading this watch true blood? if you do, yay! how good is it? and if you don't, and you have hbo, you should. i have never been a fan of vampires but this show is good. it's funny, sexy, well written, dark and witty. season one is available to rent/watch everywhere and season two is four episodes in. watch it. it's good. you won't regret it.

who wants it to be friday already??
i do!

July 11, 2009


have i told you guys how much i enjoy twitter? i think it's just brilliant and i love that celebrities use it as a means of reaching out to their fans. i also love that most of the time it's actually celebrities. i follow a few but only good ones: ellen (the best!), tina fey (hilarious!!), kevin nealon (doug on weeds), perez (loves it), maroon 5 (obvs), rachel zoe (twitter style tips, c'mon!) and hugh jackman (because's he's hot) and some others. it's fun. it really is. i recommend that if you don't have a twitter you should just jump on the f*ckin' bandwagon and get one. it's fun. deal with it.

and that goes for my friends that read this and don't have twitter. especially newman. oh, and i can put her name on her because it's not her name. obvs. that would be really mean if her parents named her newman.

follow me, friends!!

July 9, 2009


so today has definitely been one of those days. i am starting to feel sick so i am totally run down and when i got to my car after work i was greeted with my car beeping at me to fill it with gas. now, let me say that my car gets horrendous mileage. i truly mean horrendous....like barely 10 miles per gallon. i also pay for my own gas, so this inconvenience is eating up my money. i went to go fill my tank today and by the time i got to the gas station i had literally 8 miles left, so i was basically filling up from empty, and my goodness was i met with a wonderful surprise. please reference the photograph below.

yes, that does say $55 and some change. and guess what, in about a week, i'll do it again.

also, my friend's interview on the inside dish with ross mathews is up so you should definitely go check it out!

so fierce!

July 8, 2009

the insider

well, as i've said before, my life is basically uninteresting but my friends (well, some of them) have very interesting lives. particularly my friend L. L is an entertainment reporter and lives quite the fab life. well, she has gotten quite the break. today she was on the insider with ross matthews. the video isn't up yet but you can watch it here so obvs keep checking back.

oh and also, you can follow us both on twitter. we love it.
and L