July 11, 2009


have i told you guys how much i enjoy twitter? i think it's just brilliant and i love that celebrities use it as a means of reaching out to their fans. i also love that most of the time it's actually celebrities. i follow a few but only good ones: ellen (the best!), tina fey (hilarious!!), kevin nealon (doug on weeds), perez (loves it), maroon 5 (obvs), rachel zoe (twitter style tips, c'mon!) and hugh jackman (because's he's hot) and some others. it's fun. it really is. i recommend that if you don't have a twitter you should just jump on the f*ckin' bandwagon and get one. it's fun. deal with it.

and that goes for my friends that read this and don't have twitter. especially newman. oh, and i can put her name on her because it's not her name. obvs. that would be really mean if her parents named her newman.

follow me, friends!!

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