July 13, 2009

weekend warriors

happy monday morning, kiddos. the weekend's over. who's sad?? i am!

it was a pretty good weekend. one of my friends from college was in town and i got to see him and some other people. it was really nice to see friends that i hadn't seen in a while. i enjoy a good reunion.

here are some of my fabulous photos from the weekend. the first one is just about the classiest thing i have ever seen in my life.

a two-piece suit for $5?!? hot dog, what a deal! and it comes cleaned and pressed. well, isn't that fancy.

see, now these are fancy. who doesn't love cupcakes? my friend that was visiting from out of town does. so of course we got some cupcakes to celebrate his visit and his recent college graduation.

and how cute is the polk-a-dot one?? adorable.

so, who watched entourage last night? i did! thoughts? i didn't hate it, truthfully. i had set myself up that this season was going to suck but the premiere was entertaining. the biggest draw for me is still ari and lloyd and their relationship. if they get rid of lloyd (in any way) i would be devastated. ari and lloyd were at their best a few seasons ago, particularly where lloyd is still growing on ari. i especially love the one where lloyd is dressed all crazy and he asks ari if he likes his outfit and ari's response is, "you look like michelle kwan in drag." total brilliance.
what's your favorite ari/lloyd moment? or perhaps, favorite entourage moment??

does anyone reading this watch true blood? if you do, yay! how good is it? and if you don't, and you have hbo, you should. i have never been a fan of vampires but this show is good. it's funny, sexy, well written, dark and witty. season one is available to rent/watch everywhere and season two is four episodes in. watch it. it's good. you won't regret it.

who wants it to be friday already??
i do!

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