July 29, 2009

i believe!

jillian and ed are still together! she's moving into his place in chicago! and they plan to get married in the next 12 months! ahhhh! are we going to have our second (i think) successful season of the reality show?? i freakin hope so! i believe in jillian and ed...i really do. and i really believe that they can stay together and make it work (thank you mr. gunn). oh god, now i want to talk about project runway.....later....patience is key. ok, so jillian and ed, i was saying from the beginning of this season that the vibe of the show felt different than past seasons. i believed that jillian was different than every other bachelor or bachelorette, meaning that, i felt that she was looking at the situation differently, especially because she said from the get-go that being engaged at the end of this was not her goal, her goal was to find someone she could get engaged to. well, i think she's a smart girl and she knows what she wants and she's ready to get it. jillian, if for some crazy ass reason you happen to read this (doubtful, but still)......you go get it girl! you deserve it! you're fabulous!

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