July 9, 2009


so today has definitely been one of those days. i am starting to feel sick so i am totally run down and when i got to my car after work i was greeted with my car beeping at me to fill it with gas. now, let me say that my car gets horrendous mileage. i truly mean horrendous....like barely 10 miles per gallon. i also pay for my own gas, so this inconvenience is eating up my money. i went to go fill my tank today and by the time i got to the gas station i had literally 8 miles left, so i was basically filling up from empty, and my goodness was i met with a wonderful surprise. please reference the photograph below.

yes, that does say $55 and some change. and guess what, in about a week, i'll do it again.

also, my friend's interview on the inside dish with ross mathews is up so you should definitely go check it out!

so fierce!


  1. gas sucks!!! i hate cars, i hate fixing cars, and i hate buying gas. the end.

    p.s. how did we get sucked into this world where we all HAVE to do it to survive? boo!

  2. That's bad. New car time, yes?

  3. What kind of car do you have, i'm buying a new car and maybe I should stay away from yours? haha just kidding.