July 16, 2009

thirsty thursday

hello there! welcome to thirsty thursday at the shiny penny. thirsty thursday is new and exciting. each week i will post a yummy cocktail recipe for your enjoyment. use them, don't use them....i don't care.

thirsty thursday's origins lie in in tucson at the u. when i was in college, thursday was a huge party night and eventually we got to calling thursday, thirsty thursday. it stuck. now i bring you a slightly less raucous version of thirsty thursday.

here we go.....

i like to call this pompagne (it sounds awkward but keep saying it and you'll like it too)

what you need:
-champagne flute
-champagne (chilled)
-pomegranate (chilled)
-pomegranate seeds (chilled)

to make:
-pour champagne into flute (leave about an inch of space in flute)
-pour (hefty) splash of pomegranate juice into flute
-scoop teaspoon of pomegranate seeds into drink



  1. Love this idea and I love a good cocktail. Looking forward to all your fab recipes.