January 31, 2009

and this is what i get......

today a talked me into going to ross with her. i had never been before. i love tj maxx but ross is a bit too much for me. but she did find some cute stuff. i, on the other hand, found nothing.....well nothing, save for this mother/daughter combo in matching dresses. just kill me now okay??

why? why????

January 30, 2009

hello hello hello!!!

hello everyone! so i would like to say hello to all the new people coming to visit my blog! i know you're there.
i can see you! but leave me a sign that you were here.

well, it's friday.....who doesn't love the weekend?? i know i do. granted, every day is the weekend for me, but there is something about the actual days of saturday and sunday that makes me calm down.

here's some friday man candy

by the way, i literally googled "hot male model." i love the internet.

i'm hoping my new glasses are going to be ready today. i would love that. it would be nice to see really clearly. they also happen to be really fabulous and i can't wait to have them. i have been having the worst hair related static and i want to scream. i have long hair and thick bangs and with the static comes my bangs cling to my forehead. it's really obnoxious. i actually just rubbed my head with a dryer sheet but it's not working today which totally sucks. i probably sound like a complete idiot but the trick actually works (normally). but that's what happens when it's super dry in la - massive static.

just found this. had to post. dying.

wow. wow. wow.

January 29, 2009

(embarrassing) story time

i just found this blog by a girl named maxie. she told a great story that is a bit too much information but is one of those stories that deserves telling.....so she told it. her story has inspired me to share a wonderfully embarrassing story (that i very briefly referenced once before). so here goes.............

my thirteenth birthday was a huge deal....and i mean huuuge. i got to have a huge party, get a new dress, get my hair done etc. i was so excited! it was also the first time i was going to really wear heels. i had never actually worn them before because i have always been kind of tall and never felt that i needed more height. so i wore heels. nothing insane, probably less than three inches but those heels changed my life. so the day came and i was ready. i was all dressed and made up and good to go. by the time my grand entrance came around my feet were killing me and i apparently couldn't stand it any longer so i took off my shoes. clad only in my dress and sheer stockings i decided to make my grand entrance. bad idea. someone should have stopped me because before i know it i am running through the double doors and onto the parquet dance floor where i slip, fall and land on my (beautiful) face. if it hadn't have happened in front of 150 of my closest friends and family it wouldn't have been so mortifying but it did. i fell on my face at my birthday party. then i got up, brushed myself off, took my father's hands and started dancing. it still stings a little but i like to think of it as my horror story and one day something will happen to one of my children (when i have them) that is absolutely mortifying and this story will hopefully make them feel better.......ideally.


and today is oprah's birthday! happy birthday queen o!!

January 28, 2009


what a day! my bff a and i spent all day out and about. today was the day that she was going to get a car and she did! and she's very happy, so it was a great day. in addition to her finding a car i found a woman dressed in quite the get up. enjoy!

brown corduroy pants that were too short, black socks and brown leather clog things that had a tiny contrast trim and a brown leather jacket. too bad you couldn't see her sweater - it was black with pink flowers. so i must ask......why??

as you all know from many many posts i do not have a job. while being jobless i have thought constantly about what i want to do. i over think things a lot, especially things like this and i generally take it out on my jaw.....which i clench endlessly. the things i truly love and would kill to do i don't seem to be able - i.e. something in fashion or entertainment. it is impossible to get a break. i don't want to act or model or anything but i would love to style or do p.r. or advertising. i feel like i have so many ideas and they just sit in my head. i need a big revelation and i am hoping that getting my cset scores in a few weeks will help. whether or not i passed or didn't pass any sections will help me figure some things out. i really just want to do something that makes me happy. i am hoping that the planets will soon align.

i find myself talking about my blog a lot. i wish more people would read it. or if there are more of you out there please let me know you're out there! i love visitors! also, once i find that people read my wonderful blog i might do fun things as incentives. so, i find myself talking about my blot a lot....a told me that today and i laughed. i just really love it. and i think it's entertaining. i am trying to find ways to spice it up and make it fun. i also wish that i did more things so that i could write about more things. sometimes my life is pretty boring....sorry.

i am so excited....hopefully by friday i will have my new glasses! they are absolutely gorgeous and i love them. it will also be nice to have the proper prescription.

got some great random jewelry the other day. some necklaces and a ring. it was a good day. this is what i got........

i wear the black one as a bracelet. it's a great filler.

and this is what i want.........

fringe is huge for spring but i hate it generally. this necklace makes the trend wearable. and i love the colors. i love the ring. i have tons a couple black and gold rings but no white and gold. it's a great combo for warmer weather. the last necklace almost looks like an acorn and i think that's why i like it. it's pretty and the green is such a great color. i love a great necklace!

oooh by the way, baja fresh is the greatest thing ever. if you have one and have never been then you must go. if not i am very sorry. go find one.

question of the day: what is your favorite lunch meat (if you eat lunch meat)?
my answer: i personally have a serious fear of lunch meat.

January 27, 2009

lovely day

what a day! i spent today playing stylist to my best friend a. she just moved here and got a job and has to dress fabulously and she needed help. for some reason she trusts me implicitly with her fashion choices. i am obviously flattered and did my best to make her look amazing. i wish i could be a stylist for profit. any takers???
well, while she was trying clothes on i was waiting outside her dressing room and there was a mother who was doing the same. i glance over in her direction after a few minutes and see her practicing her ballet positions in the large dressing room mirror. obviously i snuck a picture to show you all.

she was doing some serious ballet - pliees included. why oh why?

i just found this video. so wrong. apparently she is promoting a scientology event and goes around calling people using the voice. interesting how there is no actual mention of scientology...

it is becoming blindingly clear to me that a job is just not on the horizon. i want it to be. and i try and try and try and nothing. i am told to call people about jobs and then get told by the people i am calling that there isn't actually anything available. i go in on interviews and get feedback that i am great and they love me but they aren't hiring. well, why do they bring me in on an interview?????? how does that make any sense? it makes me want to scream and rip my hair out. ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to find a job soon or i am just going to completely fly off the handle.

ok, i'm calm now. here is some hotness.

look at those arms! oh em gee!! he has gotten hunkalicious. scar-jo is one lucky biotch.

quote of the day
"reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
~john lennon (1940-1980)
musical genius

January 25, 2009

sag awards sunday

right now i am sitting on my bed watching the screen actors guild awards. i love love love awards season! it's such a great time of year and the sags are especially fun because it's actors voting for actors. let's talk about the carpet first. red carpets are probably the thing i love most. i love seeing what (and who) everyone is wearing.

let's just start with the terrible and work our way up shall we....

what the heck was nicolette sheridan thinking?? that looks like a full length ice skater's costume. i'm dying.

2 things about amy adams' dress....1, is she hiding something with that cascade of ruffles? that looks like a bump. and not just a "i had a stack a pancakes, two bagels and all the rest of the carbs on the menu" bump, that looks like a particular bump that gets bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. and 2, i don't like said dress. it's ugly.

i hate angie's a little less. i like the color and the style is very "her," but she could have picked something a little more special and flattering. granted, i love her and she is beautiful and could wear a potato sack. hopefully she'll bring it for the oscars.

kate winslet looks incredible, that is a given. she is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing actress but i want to cut this dress off where the train thing begins. it is such a gorgeous color and she looks absolutely beautiful but the bottom makes me want to scream. also whoever has been styling her has been putting her in the exact same types of dresses....

not that she doesn't look hot in each dress but they are all similar, especially the grey and blue. i still love her but someone needs to be slightly more inventive.

anne hathaway gets five gold stars for the evening. she looks absolutely amazing and is by far the best dressed at the sag awards. she can do no wrong. praise the lord.

and now for the winners. i am shocked and pleased at the two big awards for the night, best actor and best actress. shocked because meryl streep won for doubt....i wanted to see kate win (again) but sean penn won for milk. that movie was phenomenal and sean penn was amazing in it. he became harvey milk. i would love to see him win and oscar but i just can't decide if he will or not. he hates the academy and the academy hates him. i can't wait to see what happens. i love the oscars.

i was out and about today and in my travels i and ran into some rather heinous stuff. particularly this girl. baby pink uggs, abercrombie skirt (circa 2000) and a bright pink super tight (and short) long sleeved shirt. i just don't get it. yes there are people that like this look but i personally don't understand the appeal. i mean, i love uggs. they are great. if it's below 65 you can basically guarantee i am wearing mine, but i don't wear pink (or any other 'colored') ugg. chestnut, sand and chocolate brown.....that's it. i used to have black ones but grew out of them and haven't bought a pair of them since.

her boyfriend also happened to be wearing pants that look like christmas pajamas. do people not look in the mirror before leaving the house? why??

i went to my favorite flea market today and i got super lucky. i have begun collecting records (and am asking for a turntable for my birthday) and got 3 today! i picked up: the beatles rubber soul and let it be and christmas with bing crosby. you know i can't resist a christmas record. i am so excited! and they are all in incredible condition.

amazing! such a great sunday!!

oh and here's a little hotness....love it!

helping keep the planet green, making amazing films and still looking hot.

quote of the day:
"you gotta keep the fights clean and the sex dirty."
~kevin bacon (1958-present)
his response when asked what keeps his marriage alive

January 23, 2009

fabulous friday

watch this!

also this (it's just so beautiful)

the two of them just had the most wonderful and intense chemistry. it's great to see a president who is so deeply in love with his wife. beyonce also did a great job and she didn't look hideous (which she usually does). so good job. but seriously, how hot are they together? i tear up every time.

sometimes i do not understand people. i see people wearing certain things and i just cannot stop myself from internally questioning some choices. that happened to me today. i saw a woman (probably in her mid twenties) and she had on a $1700 chanel bag (it was real), a horrible outfit and then these shoes. there is no excuse in the world for these shoes. they looked like they came from the mid-90s. they are an eyesore and need to be burned.


then i am driving home (it's raining) and i look to my right and see a group of tourists taking a tour....in the rain. they have a guide and everything. one of the people was wearing shorts and flip flops. i get that you want to take a tour but is this necessary?? obviously i had to take a picture. while i was taking it one of them saw me. i was sitting in my car with my camera phone and laughing. it was so enjoyable.

this past monday ellen finally caught george clooney. during 2008 she had george watch 08 where she attempted several times to catch him and get him on her show. on monday she finally did it. that has inspired the hotness for the day. so here it is. it has also been made official that george will be getting back into his scrubs for the final episode of er. hotness. george doesn't need to be topless either. that's the beauty of being george - he is totally sexy with all of his clothes on.

the oscar nominations were announced yesterday. i don't think there were any surprises that were too huge but there were some interesting picks. i am first going to comment on the fact that kate winslet got nominated for the reader and not revolutionary road. also at the golden globes her reader nomination was in the supporting category and at the oscars it's in the best actress category....very interesting. also, robert downey jr was nominated for best supporting actor for his work in tropic thunder. seriously?? at least it wasn't tom cruise. that would have pissed me off. heath ledger was nominated for his brilliant portrayal of the joker in the dark knight. i truly think he will win. actually, that has inspired me to list my picks for a golden statue. so here it goes (only in the major categories):

best actor:
richard jenkins (the visitor)
frank langella (frost/nixon) - win
sean penn (milk)
brad pitt (the curious case of benjamin button)
mickey rourke (the wrestler) - 2nd choice win

supporting actor:
josh brolin (milk)
robert downey jr (tropic thunder)
phillip seymour hoffman (doubt)
heath ledger (the dark knight) - win
michael shannon (revolutionary road)

best actress:
anne hathaway (rachel getting married)
angelina jolie (changeling)
melissa leo (frozen river)
meryl streep (doubt)
kate winslet (the reader) - win

supporting actress:
amy adams (doubt)
penelope cruz (vicky christina barcelona)
viola davis (doubt)
taraji p. henson (the curious case of benjamin button)
marisa tomei (the wrestler) - win

best director:
the curious case of benjamin button
the reader
slumdog millionaire - win

best picture:
the curious case of benjamin button
the reader
slumdog millionaire - win

that is what i think. what do you think? i think that most picks are pretty solid except for best actor and best picture. best actor is going to be a tough category. frank langella and mickey rourke are the biggest contenders in my mind. i would love to see sean penn but he won't. he didn't show up when he won the best actor oscar for mystic river and the academy doesn't like that. no #2 for sean.

i hope everyone is excited for the weekend! i know i am! tomorrow i am going thrifting with my friend, he needs a bedside table and then tomorrow night i think i am going to a bar. should be fun and random. i know like 1 person, but hopefully my friend a will come with me so i don't have to be awkward and alone. that would suck.

quote of the day:
"life is nothing without friendship."
~marcus tullius cicero (106 bc - 43 bc)
roman statesman, political theorist and philosopher

January 20, 2009


today was a historic day. we have officially sworn in our first african american president. our country has come a very long way in a rather short amount of time. hopefully as a country we can continue to make such great progress in all areas of life.

i was at the gas station today and i saw this woman wearing an interesting sweater. it was very intriguing, as the sweater looked like a 5 year old child has created it.

interesting right?? what are your thoughts?

here is some hotness for your day. the always sexy andy roddick practicing for the australian open shirtless. very nice.

so who watches the bachelor? i am loving it this season. there is so much drama! my favorites are melissa from dallas, jillian from new jersey and stephanie from alabama. stephanie's face scares me a little but she seems so genuine and sweet and her little girl is adorable. when her daughter came running up behind her on the beach i cried hysterically. that was without question one of my favorite bachelor moments. the two of them and their kids would be adorable. the one i hate the most is meagan. she is bitchy and seems fake. i would like for her to go home.
the united states of tara premiered on sunday and i absolutely loved it. toni colette is hilarious and the show started off very well. i am excited to see the final personality (alice) to come out, we didn't get to meet her on sunday.
i will say this once and that is it, i hate american idol. repeat hate. i don't understand why it is still on the air. the only good idols are kelly clarkson (obsessed with her new single, my life would suck without you! get it on itunes immediately) and carrie underwood. both are fabulous but every other idol has been basically unsuccessful. i love clay aiken but he didn't win. he has an amazing holiday cd.

here is something fun that jill did on her blog. i'm bored so i'm going to do it too. enjoy!
~open the book closest to you; turn to page 56.
~find the 5th sentence.
~post the text of the next 2 to 5 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
~don't dig for your favorite book, a cool book, or an intellectual book! Pick the closest.

here is my closest book:

and here is what page 56 has to say:
"what a disaster. the sex was okay, but for some reason i lost interest....or consciousness. whichever. i awoke to a blinding sunlight burning into the room at around seven a.m. this guy didn't even have blinds on his windows. this place was turning into some sort of torture chamber."

i haven't actually started reading the book but i plan on it tomorrow. i love reading and chelsea handler is hysterical so my guess is that i will seriously enjoy the book.

quote of the day:
"what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
~ralph waldo emerson (1803-1882)
american philosopher, poet and leader of the transcendentalist movement

January 18, 2009

one of those days......

today is really just one of those days. one of those days where you want to crawl back under the covers and stay there until tomorrow. everything has sort of just come to a head at once and it is now chaos. and what's worse is that there is really nowhere to escape. maybe i need a therapist. just a nice third party to vent to. honestly, who doesn't love the opportunity to go somewhere and simply talk about yourself or any other topic you choose for 45 minutes to an hour? i never get to do that. that's one of the many problems with being the middle of three girls.
i wish i could just scream. really really loudly.

2 more days till history.

quote of the day:
"peace comes from within. do not seek it without."
~siddhartha gautama (c. 563-483 bce)
spiritual teacher

January 17, 2009

salubrious saturday

i just got back from my friend's birthday party at a 'swanky' bar and i must say i had a good time. minus the fact that the place was hot and stuffy and the group of us were the youngest people in there by a good 10 years. we had fun. a couple of us danced and there was a band and the singer would walk around the bar singing and dancing. it was awkward but fun and they sang really good songs. really good ones. if i could remember i would give you examples but that's what happens when you drink martinis with your friends. and then you apparently come home and blog about it. but whatever.
i am very excited for later today because i finally get to put one of my christmas gifts to use. my mom got me 2 tickets to the uofa v usc basketball game at usc, so my best friend a and i are going. we are going to get rowdy! now, i must say i am not a fan of usc. i despise the entire institution, but it's ok, it's a healthy pac-10 rivalry. but, the one good thing usc does have is a bar on campus. arizona never had such a thing and would never have it. and when i say on campus i mean in their giant 'cafeteria,' which also has a baja fresh, carl's jr, starbucks and red mango (among others). this is all literally on their campus, smack in the middle of the madness. a and i are going to hang out in 'the onion' (the cafeteria) before the game and it should be fun. i'm also excited to walk around the campus. it is unfortunately a pretty school.

here's some sexy for your saturday. i don't really thing anything further needs to be said about the photograph below. enjoy (drool).

quote of the day:
"too much of a good thing can be wonderful."
~mae west (1893-1980)
actress, screenwriter and sex symbol

January 16, 2009


thank you sassy engineer for the honest scrap award! thank you so much and please go check out her blog. it's very cute and witty!

here are the rules.......

1. choose and minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design

2. show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "honest scrap." well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3. least at least 10 honest things about yourself

here are my 7 recipients.....

1. my sissy at blogs by danielle

2. jill at peeptoe pumps and pearls

3. littlesack at navigating the quarterlife

4. jess at little logan christopher

5. kate at nautical by nature

6. monogram chick at the monogram chick

7. charlie and lulu at a tale of two sisters

and my 10 honest things about me are........

1. i am a huge klutz. i have broken: my wrist 3 times, torn cartilage in my knee twice, broken several fingers and one ankle.

2. i cannot sleep with my closet door open

3. i am deathly allergic to peanuts, pistachios and cashews. that means i have never had a reeses, a pb&j or a snickers.

4. i own several pairs of heels, none of which i can wear because i cannot walk in them.

5. i hate feet. hate them. i don't care how clean or well taken care of they are.....i hate them.

6. i am obsessed with the abc family shows the secret life of the american teenager and greek. they are so good.

7. i am the middle of three girls. not the best life position to be in but i have learned a lot. the main thing i learned is that i will only have two children.

8. i will only drink red gatorade.

9. tequila makes me want to dance/take my clothes off

10. at my 13th birthday, during my grand entrance, i slipped and fell on my face in front of all my family and friends.

i forgot something (and this is for jill): i talk like whitney from the hills

and there you have it. 10 little facts about me.

hope everyone has a fabulous friday and an even more fabulous weekend!!!

January 15, 2009

thirsty thursday

life right now is pretty frickin boring. so boring in fact, i feel like i have nothing to blog about.

so i wont.

but here is some sexy for your day.....enjoy

quote of the day:
"be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."
~cecil beaton (1904-1980)
fashion photographer and academy award winning stage and costume designer

January 12, 2009


so the globes are over and i must say i am pleased and shocked. pleased that one of my ultime favorite actresses won 2 (count them 1 and 2) awards last night. kate winslet won the first award for the evening for best supporting actress in a motion picture for her work in the reader and then later on in the evening kate won the best actress in a motion picture drama globe for her role in revolutionary road (which she was brilliant in). i love her. she looked beautiful. and i love how shocked and awed she was that she was up there twice. she deserved it. and her speeches! oh my goodness. she is so cute and i love how she thanked the two most important men in her life...leo then her hubby (sam mendes who directed rev. road). she is quite the talented lady. now, i was shocked by best actor in a motion picture drama. i haven't seen the wrestler but i heard mickey rourke was amazing but i didn't think he had a real shot at winning. i was sure it was going to be sean penn (for milk), frank langella (for frost/nixon) or brad pitt. i didn't think mickey rourke was going to get it. i equate this left field win with little miss sunshine's best motion picture win at the oscars two years ago.....totally out of left field. but either way, congrats to mickey and of course to kate and all the other incredible actors and actresses.

the sag (screen actors guild) awards are in two weeks and i am very excited for those. it is so interesting to see which peers actors think should win. it's nice that they get a say.

the other day i was out and about in my crazy city and my friends and i were in the car and all of a sudden we pull up next to a yellow (bright yellow) range rover. who would buy a yellow range rover? or would have a range rover painted yellow? i flipped and thought it would be prefect for the blog. we were then in a parking lot and saw another bright yellow car. apparently it was bright yellow car day.


here are some cute pictures of my pup. she's a scruffy little thing and i love her. i also (clearly) enjoy dressing her up in entertaining costumes. this is my first foray but it is pretty funny.

lumberjack rups

christmas rups (those are minnie mouse christmas ears)

how amazing was gossip girl last night? the show doesn't stop. it gets better and better. how can you not love it?

jen and ben named their daughter seraphina rose elizabeth. i like rose and elizabeth...seraphina not so much. granted it is significantly better than some of the other hollywood baby names out there. congrats.

a has officially landed in la la land! i cannot believe she is finally here. and it's not just for a visit it's for real! hooray!!

quote of the day:
"the object of art is to give life a shape."
~williams shakespeare (1564-1616)
english poet and playwright

January 11, 2009


the first flying car is set to be tested next month. how crazy?! a flying car! a real one!

it's small enough that when the wings contract it can fit into a garage. it's kind of ugly but really cool. it will also go 500 miles in the air at 115 mph on one tank of gas. sweet deal. and just $200,000. i'll take one.

January 8, 2009

a good laugh

here is a good story. to preface: my friend j and i went to lunch and movie the other day and out waiter at lunch was a very charming and funny and kind of cute boy. my friend j left him a note with her number on the receipt. he called later in the day. the two proceeded to make a date for the next day to meet at a starbucks near a movie theatre then see a movie.
jump to the next day: so j met him at starbucks, they didn't get anything and went straight to the movie. once inside the theatre, her date, let's call him t, asked j if he could have a seat that faces the exit sign. first sign he is without question a little off. he then says that that was one of his many "quirks" and that she would learn more about them and eventually know them all. skip to after the movie. the movie is over and the two decide to get food. they sit down. after having been sitting for a few minutes t asks j if he can have a hug, saying that he is a very touchy person and he hadn't really gotten to have contact with her yet. j gets up and hugs t. the hugs lasts for a while, t just won't let j go. they sit down. second sign that he is definitely weird. they eat. the check comes. t pays. j offers. t goes on to say that j can help pay on their next date. sign three. time to run. t was very intent on telling j that he wanted another date but that it was apparently her turn to 'initiate.'
j won't be calling.

saturday is my cset and i am getting really nervous. i am spending all day tomorrow studying, but i must go to walgreens and pick up a pack of #2 pencils. i have a lot of studying to do but i have to do it. if you want it you have to work to get it.

quote of the day:
"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~eleanor roosevelt (1884-1962)
first lady, civil rights activist and author

January 6, 2009

awards season

one of my favorite times of the year (behind christmas and my birthday) is awards season and it is officially upon us! sunday is the golden globe awards and shortly after that are the screen actors guild awards. one of my (and my friend j's goals) is to see all the nominated films and actor's in films before the oscars. we should be able to do it.
i have seen:

the curious case of benjamin button (motion picture, drama)

revolutionary road (motion picture, drama)

mamma mia! (motion picture comedy)

vicky christina barcelona (motion picture, comedy)

milk (sean penn, actor, drama)

changeling (angelina jolie, actress, drama)

pineapple express (james franco, actor, comedy)

tropic thunder (tom cruise and robert downey jr, supporting actor)

the duchess (ralph finnes, supporting actor)

the dark knight (heath ledger, supporting actor)

the great thing about the golden globes is that you get not only movies but television as well. i watch a lot of nominated television. tv is amazing.

dexter (series, drama)
house (series, drama)
californication (series, comedy)
entourage (series, comedy)
weeds (series comedy)

and tons of people i love are also nominated. there is some seriously amazing tv out there.....in case you didn't know.
and speaking of televison all of my favorite shows are back this week. from gossip girl, to nip/tuck, to law and order svu new episodes are everywhere. gossip girl, as always, did not fail to deliver. that show is so good it's sickening. nip/tuck is good but it's getting a little ridiculous. desperate housewives and brothers & sisters both came back with great episodes. tomorrow is grey's anatomy and i am still hoping that it will 'come back' from it's slump but i just don't know. especially now that t.r. knight (george o'malley) wants to leave the show. the only person i want gone is katherine heigl (izzie stevens). first of all, her story line pisses me off and two, her character just isn't good. it's boring. granted, denny looks hot but still. i am hoping they make her go crazy and then she is written out of the show.

ok enough about that. i am so excited because there are just six days left until my best friend from college a get's here. she is moving out full time and i couldn't be more excited! she is one of the craziest and fun girls i know and i am so excited to have her in the same city as me again. trouble will ensue, i am sure. so check back for updates on the madness. hopefully my life will be significantly more interesting once she gets out here.

quote of the day:
"go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
~henry david thoreau (1817-1862)
american author, transcendentalist and philosopher