January 23, 2009

fabulous friday

watch this!

also this (it's just so beautiful)

the two of them just had the most wonderful and intense chemistry. it's great to see a president who is so deeply in love with his wife. beyonce also did a great job and she didn't look hideous (which she usually does). so good job. but seriously, how hot are they together? i tear up every time.

sometimes i do not understand people. i see people wearing certain things and i just cannot stop myself from internally questioning some choices. that happened to me today. i saw a woman (probably in her mid twenties) and she had on a $1700 chanel bag (it was real), a horrible outfit and then these shoes. there is no excuse in the world for these shoes. they looked like they came from the mid-90s. they are an eyesore and need to be burned.


then i am driving home (it's raining) and i look to my right and see a group of tourists taking a tour....in the rain. they have a guide and everything. one of the people was wearing shorts and flip flops. i get that you want to take a tour but is this necessary?? obviously i had to take a picture. while i was taking it one of them saw me. i was sitting in my car with my camera phone and laughing. it was so enjoyable.

this past monday ellen finally caught george clooney. during 2008 she had george watch 08 where she attempted several times to catch him and get him on her show. on monday she finally did it. that has inspired the hotness for the day. so here it is. it has also been made official that george will be getting back into his scrubs for the final episode of er. hotness. george doesn't need to be topless either. that's the beauty of being george - he is totally sexy with all of his clothes on.

the oscar nominations were announced yesterday. i don't think there were any surprises that were too huge but there were some interesting picks. i am first going to comment on the fact that kate winslet got nominated for the reader and not revolutionary road. also at the golden globes her reader nomination was in the supporting category and at the oscars it's in the best actress category....very interesting. also, robert downey jr was nominated for best supporting actor for his work in tropic thunder. seriously?? at least it wasn't tom cruise. that would have pissed me off. heath ledger was nominated for his brilliant portrayal of the joker in the dark knight. i truly think he will win. actually, that has inspired me to list my picks for a golden statue. so here it goes (only in the major categories):

best actor:
richard jenkins (the visitor)
frank langella (frost/nixon) - win
sean penn (milk)
brad pitt (the curious case of benjamin button)
mickey rourke (the wrestler) - 2nd choice win

supporting actor:
josh brolin (milk)
robert downey jr (tropic thunder)
phillip seymour hoffman (doubt)
heath ledger (the dark knight) - win
michael shannon (revolutionary road)

best actress:
anne hathaway (rachel getting married)
angelina jolie (changeling)
melissa leo (frozen river)
meryl streep (doubt)
kate winslet (the reader) - win

supporting actress:
amy adams (doubt)
penelope cruz (vicky christina barcelona)
viola davis (doubt)
taraji p. henson (the curious case of benjamin button)
marisa tomei (the wrestler) - win

best director:
the curious case of benjamin button
the reader
slumdog millionaire - win

best picture:
the curious case of benjamin button
the reader
slumdog millionaire - win

that is what i think. what do you think? i think that most picks are pretty solid except for best actor and best picture. best actor is going to be a tough category. frank langella and mickey rourke are the biggest contenders in my mind. i would love to see sean penn but he won't. he didn't show up when he won the best actor oscar for mystic river and the academy doesn't like that. no #2 for sean.

i hope everyone is excited for the weekend! i know i am! tomorrow i am going thrifting with my friend, he needs a bedside table and then tomorrow night i think i am going to a bar. should be fun and random. i know like 1 person, but hopefully my friend a will come with me so i don't have to be awkward and alone. that would suck.

quote of the day:
"life is nothing without friendship."
~marcus tullius cicero (106 bc - 43 bc)
roman statesman, political theorist and philosopher


  1. I'm afraid I might be the horror with the shoes! Please forgive my fashion faux pas...if that one's not me then I'm the one with the wedges from the 70's or the flipflops that somehow are back in. I remember when I was in college and my professor had absolutely no fashion sense, she thought the 70's were still going on. I liked her so I gave her a break. I hope my students do the same for me...I came by for a visit...I lived and studied in California for 23 years. Now I'm in Puerto Rico. I'm glad the peace sign is still "cool". <3

  2. I love it all! Thanks for sharing this stuff.. and those shoes are just awful..