January 12, 2009


so the globes are over and i must say i am pleased and shocked. pleased that one of my ultime favorite actresses won 2 (count them 1 and 2) awards last night. kate winslet won the first award for the evening for best supporting actress in a motion picture for her work in the reader and then later on in the evening kate won the best actress in a motion picture drama globe for her role in revolutionary road (which she was brilliant in). i love her. she looked beautiful. and i love how shocked and awed she was that she was up there twice. she deserved it. and her speeches! oh my goodness. she is so cute and i love how she thanked the two most important men in her life...leo then her hubby (sam mendes who directed rev. road). she is quite the talented lady. now, i was shocked by best actor in a motion picture drama. i haven't seen the wrestler but i heard mickey rourke was amazing but i didn't think he had a real shot at winning. i was sure it was going to be sean penn (for milk), frank langella (for frost/nixon) or brad pitt. i didn't think mickey rourke was going to get it. i equate this left field win with little miss sunshine's best motion picture win at the oscars two years ago.....totally out of left field. but either way, congrats to mickey and of course to kate and all the other incredible actors and actresses.

the sag (screen actors guild) awards are in two weeks and i am very excited for those. it is so interesting to see which peers actors think should win. it's nice that they get a say.

the other day i was out and about in my crazy city and my friends and i were in the car and all of a sudden we pull up next to a yellow (bright yellow) range rover. who would buy a yellow range rover? or would have a range rover painted yellow? i flipped and thought it would be prefect for the blog. we were then in a parking lot and saw another bright yellow car. apparently it was bright yellow car day.


here are some cute pictures of my pup. she's a scruffy little thing and i love her. i also (clearly) enjoy dressing her up in entertaining costumes. this is my first foray but it is pretty funny.

lumberjack rups

christmas rups (those are minnie mouse christmas ears)

how amazing was gossip girl last night? the show doesn't stop. it gets better and better. how can you not love it?

jen and ben named their daughter seraphina rose elizabeth. i like rose and elizabeth...seraphina not so much. granted it is significantly better than some of the other hollywood baby names out there. congrats.

a has officially landed in la la land! i cannot believe she is finally here. and it's not just for a visit it's for real! hooray!!

quote of the day:
"the object of art is to give life a shape."
~williams shakespeare (1564-1616)
english poet and playwright


  1. Yellow cars are WRONG! I've heard people that drive yellow cars want attention?

    I haven't seen GG yet. I was on the road Monday night. Thank goodness for the DVR.

  2. What a cute pup! I totally agree about yellow cars. They are too flashy or something. I can't wait to catch up on Gossip Girl - maybe today...