January 28, 2009


what a day! my bff a and i spent all day out and about. today was the day that she was going to get a car and she did! and she's very happy, so it was a great day. in addition to her finding a car i found a woman dressed in quite the get up. enjoy!

brown corduroy pants that were too short, black socks and brown leather clog things that had a tiny contrast trim and a brown leather jacket. too bad you couldn't see her sweater - it was black with pink flowers. so i must ask......why??

as you all know from many many posts i do not have a job. while being jobless i have thought constantly about what i want to do. i over think things a lot, especially things like this and i generally take it out on my jaw.....which i clench endlessly. the things i truly love and would kill to do i don't seem to be able - i.e. something in fashion or entertainment. it is impossible to get a break. i don't want to act or model or anything but i would love to style or do p.r. or advertising. i feel like i have so many ideas and they just sit in my head. i need a big revelation and i am hoping that getting my cset scores in a few weeks will help. whether or not i passed or didn't pass any sections will help me figure some things out. i really just want to do something that makes me happy. i am hoping that the planets will soon align.

i find myself talking about my blog a lot. i wish more people would read it. or if there are more of you out there please let me know you're out there! i love visitors! also, once i find that people read my wonderful blog i might do fun things as incentives. so, i find myself talking about my blot a lot....a told me that today and i laughed. i just really love it. and i think it's entertaining. i am trying to find ways to spice it up and make it fun. i also wish that i did more things so that i could write about more things. sometimes my life is pretty boring....sorry.

i am so excited....hopefully by friday i will have my new glasses! they are absolutely gorgeous and i love them. it will also be nice to have the proper prescription.

got some great random jewelry the other day. some necklaces and a ring. it was a good day. this is what i got........

i wear the black one as a bracelet. it's a great filler.

and this is what i want.........

fringe is huge for spring but i hate it generally. this necklace makes the trend wearable. and i love the colors. i love the ring. i have tons a couple black and gold rings but no white and gold. it's a great combo for warmer weather. the last necklace almost looks like an acorn and i think that's why i like it. it's pretty and the green is such a great color. i love a great necklace!

oooh by the way, baja fresh is the greatest thing ever. if you have one and have never been then you must go. if not i am very sorry. go find one.

question of the day: what is your favorite lunch meat (if you eat lunch meat)?
my answer: i personally have a serious fear of lunch meat.


  1. I read your blog. If you want to find random people's blogs to read and get more people reading yours, you might want to try http://20somethings.ning.com/ ?

  2. the ring, and the pretty green necklace, BREATHTAKING!!!
    nice blog
    btw, i gave you an award
    click this

  3. thanks for the site amanda! i am gonna put myself out there more and hopefully i'll get a lot back.....we will see!!

  4. i'm *completely* with you on the wanting to do something more but being unable to find it!! i'm a corporate banker, believe it or not, thats worse than having no job--i hate my job! lol! i think this is the beginning of a beautiful network! follow my blog & how do i follow yours?



  5. You should be a personal stylist or personal shopper!