January 27, 2009

lovely day

what a day! i spent today playing stylist to my best friend a. she just moved here and got a job and has to dress fabulously and she needed help. for some reason she trusts me implicitly with her fashion choices. i am obviously flattered and did my best to make her look amazing. i wish i could be a stylist for profit. any takers???
well, while she was trying clothes on i was waiting outside her dressing room and there was a mother who was doing the same. i glance over in her direction after a few minutes and see her practicing her ballet positions in the large dressing room mirror. obviously i snuck a picture to show you all.

she was doing some serious ballet - pliees included. why oh why?

i just found this video. so wrong. apparently she is promoting a scientology event and goes around calling people using the voice. interesting how there is no actual mention of scientology...

it is becoming blindingly clear to me that a job is just not on the horizon. i want it to be. and i try and try and try and nothing. i am told to call people about jobs and then get told by the people i am calling that there isn't actually anything available. i go in on interviews and get feedback that i am great and they love me but they aren't hiring. well, why do they bring me in on an interview?????? how does that make any sense? it makes me want to scream and rip my hair out. ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to find a job soon or i am just going to completely fly off the handle.

ok, i'm calm now. here is some hotness.

look at those arms! oh em gee!! he has gotten hunkalicious. scar-jo is one lucky biotch.

quote of the day
"reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
~john lennon (1940-1980)
musical genius

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  1. You're a sweet friend... I think you'd be fun to shop with and I would trust your style advice.