January 30, 2009

hello hello hello!!!

hello everyone! so i would like to say hello to all the new people coming to visit my blog! i know you're there.
i can see you! but leave me a sign that you were here.

well, it's friday.....who doesn't love the weekend?? i know i do. granted, every day is the weekend for me, but there is something about the actual days of saturday and sunday that makes me calm down.

here's some friday man candy

by the way, i literally googled "hot male model." i love the internet.

i'm hoping my new glasses are going to be ready today. i would love that. it would be nice to see really clearly. they also happen to be really fabulous and i can't wait to have them. i have been having the worst hair related static and i want to scream. i have long hair and thick bangs and with the static comes my bangs cling to my forehead. it's really obnoxious. i actually just rubbed my head with a dryer sheet but it's not working today which totally sucks. i probably sound like a complete idiot but the trick actually works (normally). but that's what happens when it's super dry in la - massive static.

just found this. had to post. dying.

wow. wow. wow.


  1. Hey Jess!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


  2. You crack me up!!! I like the man candy, but I have to say my lastest crush is on Chad Michael Murray - probably part of my new obsession with One Tree Hill. I love the new glasses and I hope they get there soon :) Super chic!

  3. Giving you the letter L. Have fun!

  4. Haha, that seriously works for your hair? I have frizz/flyaway issues (that's why I almost never wear my down without straightening it first)... Never had it stick TO me though.

    New glasses are fun!

    I did the letter thing in my blog yesterday. :)