January 17, 2009

salubrious saturday

i just got back from my friend's birthday party at a 'swanky' bar and i must say i had a good time. minus the fact that the place was hot and stuffy and the group of us were the youngest people in there by a good 10 years. we had fun. a couple of us danced and there was a band and the singer would walk around the bar singing and dancing. it was awkward but fun and they sang really good songs. really good ones. if i could remember i would give you examples but that's what happens when you drink martinis with your friends. and then you apparently come home and blog about it. but whatever.
i am very excited for later today because i finally get to put one of my christmas gifts to use. my mom got me 2 tickets to the uofa v usc basketball game at usc, so my best friend a and i are going. we are going to get rowdy! now, i must say i am not a fan of usc. i despise the entire institution, but it's ok, it's a healthy pac-10 rivalry. but, the one good thing usc does have is a bar on campus. arizona never had such a thing and would never have it. and when i say on campus i mean in their giant 'cafeteria,' which also has a baja fresh, carl's jr, starbucks and red mango (among others). this is all literally on their campus, smack in the middle of the madness. a and i are going to hang out in 'the onion' (the cafeteria) before the game and it should be fun. i'm also excited to walk around the campus. it is unfortunately a pretty school.

here's some sexy for your saturday. i don't really thing anything further needs to be said about the photograph below. enjoy (drool).

quote of the day:
"too much of a good thing can be wonderful."
~mae west (1893-1980)
actress, screenwriter and sex symbol


  1. Have fun at the Basketball Game!

  2. I think Brad Pitt is so hot....so why is he such a WEIRDO?? ugg....visiting from you sister's page :)

  3. I hope it was fun! I have to admit that I LOVED Brad Pitt back when he did that Vanity Fair shoot. I owned the magazine and was in love (probably a little too much), but that was back in the days of Jen, and now I think he is weird with Angelina and not near as sexy either. I thought he was looking a little weird at the Golden Globes. Oh well! Thanks for letting me remember the good, sexy Brad!