January 1, 2009

.......and a happy new year

happy 2009! i hope everyone had an amazing, memorable and more importantly safe new years eve. i know i did. my crazy friends and i decided at the absolute last minute that we should attempt to get a hotel room somewhere fabulous because that way we could safely drink and not drive (which i am a big fan of!) and we actually ended up doing it. we got a room at the roosevelt hotel in hollywood, scratch that, a cabana room at the roosevelt hotel. our balcony overlooked the main party at the tropicana bar and we were also able to go down and have a fabulous time. sadly, my camera died early into the evening so my only pictures are of our amazing view. but we had a great time. it was just a bunch of friends drinking and spending new years together in a rather fabulous setting.

so in addition to our fabulous hotel room my friends and i also went to dinner with another friend and a few of her friends. the four of us barely talked to them. they seemed to do their own thing, as did we. but what i must comment on is what one girl was wearing. i swear i could have died. yes, it was new years so sparkles are ok when done properly. this girl was wearing a spandex dress (or it looked like spandex) it was cut like a leotard dress (not cute) and was a sparkly metallic grey. it was awful. it also looked crazy itchy. silver sequins are great for new years and had this dress been sequined and cut differently it might have been cute. however, it wasn't and it was a tacky monstrosity. sorry for the mean rant, but sometimes i just can't help myself. i, on the other hand a pretty cute outfit on, too bad i didn't take any pictures of myself.

it's now 2009 and there is so much madness going on right now. i just feel so crazed and busy. next saturday i am taking my super scary history cset. the cset is a subject specific exam that i must take and pass in order to even apply to teaching school to get my credential. i am petrified. i thought i knew history but i was looking over my study materials (which includes practice tests) and some of these questions are really difficult. the test is 5 hours and is obviously different every time but each test costs about $300.....which is obviously not a small sum of money. there are multiple choice, short answer essays and long answer essays. i am also tested on everything considered social science so: world history and geography, unites states history and geography, civics, economics and california history. sounds like fun huh?!? not excited. either way, i have a lot of studying to do and not a lot of time to do it in. thankfully the test is soon and then it's over. then it's on to the cbest which is another test i must take and basically shows that you are at least as competent as a 7th grader. that test has math, which i have issues with and i can't use a calculator (bummer). but it is also english (grammar etc) and a writing section. there are so many hoops i have to jump thru and i am so nervous and constantly unsure of myself. part of me really wants to teach and then part of me thinks that lives are going to given to me and i have to fill them with knowledge. that is a big task to take on. i go back and forth every day. but i guess i will just have to see how the tests go because without passing them i can't do anything.
i am also still looking for a job. i had an interview about a week ago and it went very well and i should be getting a call from another company to come in for an interview. i really would just like to spend my days doing something slightly productive instead of sitting at home and constantly discovering new television shows. that would be really great.

2008 was a pretty fabulous year but i am very much ready for 2009. i hope that it will be a phenomenal year filled with firsts and bests and lots of memorable moments with my incredible friends and family. i hope that everyone has a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2009.

quote of the day:
"the best way to prepare for life is to begin to live."
~elbert hubbard (1856-1915)
american writer, artist and philosopher

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  1. You'll rock the test. Don't you worry!

    Happy New Year little sister.

    Off to bed.

    Love you!