December 30, 2008


i came across a very cool article featuring vintage ads. i love the smirnoff ad and the sprite ad. you can find them here.

i am currently an iphone user. i love it. the iphone is amazing. but part of me wants to switch to a blackberry. i have an 'upgrade' so the blackberry would basically be free and i love the idea of being able to bbm all of my friends since every single one (except for my 2 best friends) has a blackberry. my little sister just switch and a day doesn't go by where i don't get jealous and where she doesn't exclaim how much she loves her blackberry. she is on it 24/7 and i am jealous about 16/7. my biggest issue seems to be in the internet. blackberry users don't complain about a 'lack' of internet but i think they just don't know better. have they ever seen an iphone? we can do everything. it's a fact. well, everything except bbm. bbm allows for free contact with friends regardless of service provider. it crosses serious boundaries. i love crossing boundaries. it seems like such a plus that not only do you get free texts with your phone provider but also with all of your friends that have blackberries. but, i digress, am i willing to just give up my full beautiful internet and huge screen?? it will be nice to easily text message again though. i must say, actual buttons are quite helpful. again, i love my iphone but i used to be an amazing text messager. my skills have been lacking because the iphone is not as simple. and with the new no text messaging/emailing/etc while driving a blackberry would be much easier to break the law with. i am clearly not very convincing as there are many pros and cons to each phone, but do you have any thoughts? i would love solid reasons to switch or to not switch to a blackberry. please share. it would be greatly appreciated.

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