May 28, 2009

fabulous friday!

well, it's not technically friday here but it's ok. it's time for fabulous friday and this way i know i'll get it done! i meant to do it last week, i really did. i even had the picture on my desktop ready to go, but of course, i just never got to it. but this week's is good and i am very excited!

fabulous summer tv show!

my fabulous summer tv show of choice is, of course, weeds!

so excited for june 8th!

in homage to fabulous summer tv shows i would like to state my real favorite summer tv show. it was only on for a summer was billed as a "coca cola summer premiere"........young americans. it was fabulous. it starred kate bosworth and katherine moennig, amongst others. i don't know if any of you watched it.....besides me and the sissy, of course.

the basic gist is that there is a group of students at a private academy for the summer. there's drama and it's good.

hope everyone has a fabulous friday

May 18, 2009

bone to pick

so everywhere i look i am reading that kelly clarkson is fat. ok, so kelly is not a size two. big flipping deal! she's gorgeous and she has talent.....buckets and buckets of talent. give the girl a break. go harass the tarts that don't. like jessica simpson and lindsey lohan. go tell lohan she looks like she gained a few and needs a juicy burger...............................see, wasn't that fun? now leave kelly alone.

and while you're leaving her alone, you should download her album. it's awesome. particularly "i'm ready."

May 8, 2009

fabulous friday

could this fabulous friday be any more perfect for me??? my sissy did a great fabulous friday post today! i am just going to say that she chose it specifically for me because i do a lot of fabulously (not so smart) things. the only question now is, where to start??

well, there is the time that i put a burning candle under a shelf. or maybe the time i put paper in the toaster. oooh, there's also the time that i decided to make a grand entrance on parquet floors clad only in stockings. clearly, none of those things ended well. truthfully, i have too many of those types of moments to keep track of but here's a pretty good one....
so when i was in the first grade i had a huge crush on a boy named k. i also had a diary - after this i did not have a diary. well i wrote in my diary, very poetically, mind you, "dear diary, i love k. but he does not know it that i love him." my sissy of course harasses me about this passage till this very day. i like to think i was a young romantic and budding poet. or maybe not so much.

and then there was time that sissy was with me and she said that she wished that she could run like a gisele (instead of gazelle)

May 7, 2009


here it is! the present i have been waiting for.

my crosley keepsake record player. it is a 'keepsake' because it has a usb connector so i can upload all of my records to my computer. it is also totally portable and is a great size. kind of excited! i got it yesterday, courtesy of my fabulous father (or pops as i like to call him) and have already listened to some of my favorites. the first thing is played? the beatles magical mystery tour, specifically penny lane. for those who don't know, i am huge beatles fanatic and penny lane is my favorite song and is also the inspiration for my blog's name. the name came to me out of nowhere one day and stuck. i love it.

penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes

May 5, 2009

birthday extravaganza

this birthday has been pretty fabulous. i got to have a great low-key bbq with some of my closest girlfriends, went to a fabulous dinner with my mother, sisters and great aunt and got some pretty great stuff too.

let's start with some concert photos. oh, it was the robin thicke and jennifer hudson concert. it was fabulous and fun!

j hud looks absolutely gorg and absolutely preggolicious.

shaka kahn showed up and then earth, wind and fire came out to sing 'happy birthday' to j hud's manager

birthday flowers. i really just wanted low and fat bouquets of white hydrangeas but of course m could not find such things and came home with this. it totally grew on me and i can't wait to dry out the lilac.

little sis got me an amazing gift! an original vinyl recording of the grease soundtrack. grease is one of my favorite musicals and the record is in fab condition.

sissy d got me a couple of really great things

a journal. i am going use it (as i said to d) "to write crap in." ie: lists, notes musings etc.

custom stationary (choc brown + green)

a seal and purple sealing wax (because my aura is purple)

and a vase and candle......sissy said she is going to get me sand. we will see how long it takes (just kidding....but seriously)

my mother got me the 2nd best present

yay for a grownup big girl needed to happen. i've been living out of a credit card case and small-ish clutch bag.

tomorrow i get my best present! i will post what it is once i have it and can photograph it!!!


much love!

you say it's your birthday

well it's MY BIRTHDAY TOO!

yep, in case you didn't gather from my (new) header and the post below this one, it is my birthday! i just signed onto my blog and was met with quite the surprise.....a good one! my sissy, being the creative and sneaky lil devil that she is, decided to redo my blog. i guess that's what i get for giving her my password and never changing it. cest la vie. well, it's my special day. i wish i got to spend it doing what i love with the people that i love, but sadly i will be slaving away at the office. but be sure to come and leave me love on here so that i have something to look forward to later.

i have started photographing my various presents and will be blogging about them soon.....don't you worry. especially because if i do not i won't hear the end of it from sissy-face. not fun!

well i hope everyone has a wonderful day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

OMG! I WATCHED GOSSIP GIRL THIS MORNING AND ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG! OMG! seriously, that show just continues to outdo itself. poor blair, she wants to be with chuck and he wants to be with her but she's so stubborn and he's so stubborn. even though (i've said it before and i'll say it again) i love blair and nate together. they belong together. at least they do in my i've-read-all-the-books-in-the-series head. it's still tough for me sometimes to watch the show knowing what i know about the original characters. but i love it. it's too good not to love.

Happy Birthday!!!

This is Danielle posting a Happy Birthday post for my little sister, since I'm not sure when she'll get around to it. And really, I was worried she wouldn't say anything until today had passed, and that is simply NOT ok.

Luckily, I have her password on hand to redo her blog whenever I want, and to write fun little posts like this one. I think she likes it, so hopefully she won't change her password any time soon. It is the same one she's been using since jr high, so I think we're safe ;)

You may notice that Jess now has a new look! I hope she likes it! She did see the girl and said she was cute, but has NO idea that she would be getting a new look today.

Alright. Time to tell Jess how awesome she is and leave some birthday love. Go to it.

And to see some super cute pics of Jess, stop by my blog.

Happy Birthday Jess! I looooooooove yoy! {That is not a typo. It's a sister thing.}

May 4, 2009


so for those of you that don't know, i am a big fan of nail polish. i love getting manicures and have become somewhat religious about going. i have a great place that is just around the corner from my house and they are the best. they also have an incredible plethora of colors.
i am not one to stick to the same boring color week after week like some people i know. i enjoy branching and often do somewhat crazy/fun colors.
last week my color was called 'flirty fuchsia.'

at first i felt like barbie/camp counselor but then i started loving the seriously hot pink color.

this week my color is 'bermuda shorts.' i am totally loving it and i think it's fabulous!

it's a really fabulous electric fuchsia and is super fun and works with i swear it does.

May 1, 2009


hello blog universe! it's been forever! today is my last day of my third week of work and i think i am going to finally start understanding how to balance everything. work doesn't leave much time for a social life, but i have to remember that i have to work, i don't have to have a social life - although it would be very nice.

so part of me does not want to tell the following story for fear of sounding dramatic but i am going to tell it any way. well, tuesday night i was getting into the shower and i slipped and fell (in the shower). i hit my head concussion (my head it made of steel) but i did mess up the back of my right knee, bruised my left knee and have two nice bumps on my head. i am quite the hotmess right now, actually. well, the damage to the back of my right knee is by far the worst of my injuries. i fell when my right leg was out of the shower/tub and my leg landed on a nice strip of metal and i am insanely bruised. i had thought about taking a picture and uploading it but it's gross....unless you guys want to see it hahah. anyways, it's gross. and when i went to the er i had the pleasure of getting a tetanus shot because i cut the back of my leg on the metal. twas a fun fun evening. but thankfully i am alive and somewhat well, although i would much rather be at home icing my knee than working.

yesterday i got my first paycheck. i did direct deposit so i called to check my balance at the bank and it was such a wonderfully high number. i was thrilled. i actually got a little teary-eyed. it's been a long time since i've made my own money and the fact that i have a real full-time job is still sometimes overwhelming but i love making money!

i would like to say i am sorry to all of my blog friends who's blogs i have been ignoring. my life right now is a juggling act and i am just trying to keep my balls in the air. i need to learn how to balance. it would also be great if the week were 8 days long and i could have a 3 day weekend. that would be great!

ok, let's talk tv. we finally have new episodes of all the shows back so let's dig in.
gossip girl - so good! always is. i will say right now, i love b & n together. it's the way it's supposed to be. although i do love b & c together. s' new bf is a jerk. he needs to be punched in the face. maybe c will come and save his step sister. we will see.
grey's anatomy - all i want is next week. merder is finally (hopefully) going to get married! i also can't wait til izzy is officially off the show. i don't like her and haven't for a long long time.
dancing with the stars - love! this season is soooo good. i am 100% team melissa and tony but fear that gilles and that skank cheryl are going to win.

well that's all for now! tomorrow is my birthday and write now it's 6:40am and would like to finish watching some television i did not get to watch last night. hope everyone has a happy and stress-free monday!!