May 8, 2009

fabulous friday

could this fabulous friday be any more perfect for me??? my sissy did a great fabulous friday post today! i am just going to say that she chose it specifically for me because i do a lot of fabulously (not so smart) things. the only question now is, where to start??

well, there is the time that i put a burning candle under a shelf. or maybe the time i put paper in the toaster. oooh, there's also the time that i decided to make a grand entrance on parquet floors clad only in stockings. clearly, none of those things ended well. truthfully, i have too many of those types of moments to keep track of but here's a pretty good one....
so when i was in the first grade i had a huge crush on a boy named k. i also had a diary - after this i did not have a diary. well i wrote in my diary, very poetically, mind you, "dear diary, i love k. but he does not know it that i love him." my sissy of course harasses me about this passage till this very day. i like to think i was a young romantic and budding poet. or maybe not so much.

and then there was time that sissy was with me and she said that she wished that she could run like a gisele (instead of gazelle)

1 comment:

  1. I stand by the fact that Gisele Bundchen is gorgeous, and has a perfect body. Therefore, she is probably a great runner. Sooooooo, running like Gisele probably wouldn't be the worst thing.

    My dramatic reenactment of your diary passage is classic. I am sorry about that. Hopefully you won't bring that up to a shrink in another 10 years.

    And you should clarify that you put the microwave only crisping tray for frozen mini pizzas in the toaster oven. It's not like you put a sheet of paper in the toaster.

    Although, if someone did, it would probably be you ;)

    Love you.