May 28, 2009

fabulous friday!

well, it's not technically friday here but it's ok. it's time for fabulous friday and this way i know i'll get it done! i meant to do it last week, i really did. i even had the picture on my desktop ready to go, but of course, i just never got to it. but this week's is good and i am very excited!

fabulous summer tv show!

my fabulous summer tv show of choice is, of course, weeds!

so excited for june 8th!

in homage to fabulous summer tv shows i would like to state my real favorite summer tv show. it was only on for a summer was billed as a "coca cola summer premiere"........young americans. it was fabulous. it starred kate bosworth and katherine moennig, amongst others. i don't know if any of you watched it.....besides me and the sissy, of course.

the basic gist is that there is a group of students at a private academy for the summer. there's drama and it's good.

hope everyone has a fabulous friday


  1. That show was so good. I still remember the theme song :)

  2. Awesome! i have never seen Weeds but am def. going to rent the DVD when I get back to America!!