May 1, 2009


hello blog universe! it's been forever! today is my last day of my third week of work and i think i am going to finally start understanding how to balance everything. work doesn't leave much time for a social life, but i have to remember that i have to work, i don't have to have a social life - although it would be very nice.

so part of me does not want to tell the following story for fear of sounding dramatic but i am going to tell it any way. well, tuesday night i was getting into the shower and i slipped and fell (in the shower). i hit my head concussion (my head it made of steel) but i did mess up the back of my right knee, bruised my left knee and have two nice bumps on my head. i am quite the hotmess right now, actually. well, the damage to the back of my right knee is by far the worst of my injuries. i fell when my right leg was out of the shower/tub and my leg landed on a nice strip of metal and i am insanely bruised. i had thought about taking a picture and uploading it but it's gross....unless you guys want to see it hahah. anyways, it's gross. and when i went to the er i had the pleasure of getting a tetanus shot because i cut the back of my leg on the metal. twas a fun fun evening. but thankfully i am alive and somewhat well, although i would much rather be at home icing my knee than working.

yesterday i got my first paycheck. i did direct deposit so i called to check my balance at the bank and it was such a wonderfully high number. i was thrilled. i actually got a little teary-eyed. it's been a long time since i've made my own money and the fact that i have a real full-time job is still sometimes overwhelming but i love making money!

i would like to say i am sorry to all of my blog friends who's blogs i have been ignoring. my life right now is a juggling act and i am just trying to keep my balls in the air. i need to learn how to balance. it would also be great if the week were 8 days long and i could have a 3 day weekend. that would be great!

ok, let's talk tv. we finally have new episodes of all the shows back so let's dig in.
gossip girl - so good! always is. i will say right now, i love b & n together. it's the way it's supposed to be. although i do love b & c together. s' new bf is a jerk. he needs to be punched in the face. maybe c will come and save his step sister. we will see.
grey's anatomy - all i want is next week. merder is finally (hopefully) going to get married! i also can't wait til izzy is officially off the show. i don't like her and haven't for a long long time.
dancing with the stars - love! this season is soooo good. i am 100% team melissa and tony but fear that gilles and that skank cheryl are going to win.

well that's all for now! tomorrow is my birthday and write now it's 6:40am and would like to finish watching some television i did not get to watch last night. hope everyone has a happy and stress-free monday!!


  1. I hope you recover soon - that sounds like something I have almost done like everyday! I am such a klutz, and slip in the shower a lot. I can't wait until Meredith and Derek tie the knot! We have waited long enough, and if they get married I will never quit watching the show becaus I vowed I would if they broke up again.

    Feel better and congrats on the job :)

  2. Welcome Back! I'm glad you're okay after falling in the shower. I live alone and think about that sometimes. Very scary!

    Happy Early Birthday!!

  3. Ouch! I am glad you didn't have a concussion or break anything!