May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

This is Danielle posting a Happy Birthday post for my little sister, since I'm not sure when she'll get around to it. And really, I was worried she wouldn't say anything until today had passed, and that is simply NOT ok.

Luckily, I have her password on hand to redo her blog whenever I want, and to write fun little posts like this one. I think she likes it, so hopefully she won't change her password any time soon. It is the same one she's been using since jr high, so I think we're safe ;)

You may notice that Jess now has a new look! I hope she likes it! She did see the girl and said she was cute, but has NO idea that she would be getting a new look today.

Alright. Time to tell Jess how awesome she is and leave some birthday love. Go to it.

And to see some super cute pics of Jess, stop by my blog.

Happy Birthday Jess! I looooooooove yoy! {That is not a typo. It's a sister thing.}


  1. Coming over from your sister's blog to say Happy Birthday.

  2. I'm also coming over from sissy's blog to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  3. Very Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stay safe today :)