April 15, 2009

2 quick things

in touch weekly and e! are both reporting that the unbelievably beautiful and blessed heidi klum is preggers again with baby number 4. seriously, if her body stays that good i think i'm just going to stop eating.

in other news, one mr. brian kinney (gale harold) is coming back to desperate housewives. should be interesting. i looooooove me some b kinney. by the way, the whole brian kinney thing is gale's character from a fantastic show called queer as folk. it is no longer on tv (showtime) but you can catch the tame version on logo....although it's totally not worth it. well, either way, brain/gale is so hot on queer as folk it's ridiculous. so needless to say i am very pleased with desperate housewives for bringing him back.

i read a story today about a guy who was having chest pains and throwing up blood. the doctors took and xray and thought they saw a tumor. they go in to do the biopsy and find that it is not a tumor but a 5 centimeter long fir tree growing in his lung. freaky stuff.

ok, must go. finally going to see some friends. this whole thing does not leave much time for a social life. bummer.


  1. how in the H do you grow a fig tree in your lungs??? i want one!!!

  2. Yeah, how do you grow a tree in your lungs? WEIRD! I was going to comment on Brian Kinney coming back (can't bring myself to call him by his girly name) but the tree sort of trumped that.

  3. I saw the fig tree in the lung story this morning on the Today Show. CRAZY and GROSS.

    I just tagged you on my blog. :)

  4. I love Gale Harold. He is so hot!

  5. You need to jump on a birthday post. I said you'd be posting your presents, so I'm hoping you planned on doing that?

    I posted the video of your talking gift bag in my top 10. ;)

    I hope you love your gifts. Happy birthday!

  6. The tree story is so bizarre, but fascinating. I love reading about it.