April 13, 2009

working girl

well i did it! i finished my first day and i am alive and have not yet passed out....thank god. part of me wants to (pass out) but i also want to do things since i have been at a desk all day.

today was a lot of learning. some hands on and some not, but it was good. i am excited to get my hands on things and really learn and do . there are many many things that i still need to learn and a lot of things i will be doing require lots of precision and care because there are many steps. ugh. that is just a lot of words for "there is a big possibility for mess ups." that is what i am afraid of. i am petrified of messing up. i just want to do well. i want them to like me. is that so bad?

right now i am watching dancing with the stars. lil kim just performed and she and derek did well. it was a little kitschy and theatrical but cute. melissa and tony did so so well. melissa is also who i want to win. i think she is a great dancer and definitely a fan favorite. plus that would definitely mend the wounds left by her douche of an ex (the bachelor). the mirror ball trophy is way better. shawn and mark were great too, not as great as melissa but definitely good. i love shawn but i think she just might be too young and innocent to truly be able to get into some of the characters. my one issue lies will gilles. that s.o.b is sexalicious. hello! he was the naked guy in the sex and the city movie. being smooth and sexual is his job. and he's french. i also stand by the fact that the men have it easier. we all know they do. well, gilles performed and he was definitely not that great. yay!

well that's all for today!

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