April 3, 2009


today i grouted my mirror. i am loving it so far. it takes a few days to dry and right now the grout looks like sand but over the next couple of days it will harden significantly and darken as well. i am excited because the grout will turn grey as it darkens.

love it! i think i have a new hobby.....hehe

i was out today and i found this amazing vase. i have a 'thing' for really cool one-of-a-kind looking vases. i don't like to put things in them i just like using them for decoration. this is my second one and it goes perfectly with my first vase. the blue of my first vase matches the blue in my new one perfectly. we were clearly meant to be together. bonus: it was on sale and it was an amazing price - 8 dollars. definitely my kind of a day.


  1. Looks amazing!!! I love the mosaic look reminds me of our B&B in Montreal. :)

  2. Mirror looks great. You know, it's polite to leave comments on the blogs of people that read yours.

    Just thought you'd want to know.