April 11, 2009


what is the one movie i cannot wait to see?

seriously? why is he just so hot? he is a child! i have a crush on a child! he can't even go into a bar and get a drink (legally). but really, how do you not find that even a bit sexy? it's gross. i am so excited for the movie though. it looks like it is going to be adorable with lots of zac hotness. yay! me and three of my girlfriends already have plans to go see it when it opens. so fun!

i also have a new show that i enjoy....better off ted. portia de rossi is hysterical. she is essentially the reason i watch it. her character is very fierce and has a fantastic dry sense of humor. my favorite moment(s) so far have been between portia's character (veronica) and ted's daughter rose. portia volunteers to watch her and as they are walking to her office portia's character says "you have great skin. i wish there was a way to peel it off your face and attach it to mine...." she then proceeds to persuade rose to fire two employees. both employees also agreed that rose did a great job. it is just a very funny and slightly ridiculous show. all four episodes that have aired thus far are available on abc.com and they are only 30 minute episodes so they are super quick to go through.

hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! i know i am!!


  1. i know i'm going to like a blog, when i stop by and this is their latest post! zac is hot, and i don't care what anyone says... and 20 is TOTALLY legal ;) he's my #2 school boy crush... number #1? Harry potter, duh.

  2. I would love to be forever friends (is THAT creepy?) but first, I have one question: do you hate Harry Potter? i can forgive a dislike of HSM or Miley (but how could you hate someone who is so happy???), but hatred for Harry is much like avada kadavra - UNFORGIVEABLE... haha... but seriously.
    I'm glad I found your blog too!

  3. that avada kedavra joke was too good to stay within the bounds of a comment... it's being blogged... right now.

  4. soooo I was creepily looking through my friend (Tarens) comments and I found your blog :) And I was looking at it and saw this post and can I just say that Zac is by far my favorite person on the face of this planet? I can cyber stalk him all day and not get bored... (wow I just sounded totally creepy!!!) Anywho! Love your blog!!!