April 14, 2009

i love being a creeper

so my new friend t at free flan did a fun post where she took a pic of herself and posted it and then tagged people. well technically she tagged all the creepers and i am such a creeper (sometimes)! so here it goes....

the rules are as follows:
take a picture of yourself right now
do not primp or prepare in any way....seriously, don't
upload the picture to your blog
and then tag some people to play along
good fun!

so hot! right?

ok now i must get something off of my chest.....the real housewives of new jersey. really? new jersey? ok, maybe new jersey isn't the problem, it's the women. could bravo have chosen more trashy and less classy women? they seem so hot-headed, ridiculous and rude. i feel like they are just locking in every new jersey stereotype there is. in one commercial, one unattractive and fake blonde women says in a thick gangster-like accent "my family is as thick as thieves." truthfully, i think she is talking about the mafia. the women look ridiculous but i think it might be terrifyingly addictive. we will see, i'll definitely blog during or after the may 12th premiere.

tonight is a new episode of 90210. i don't know if you watch it (totally let me know if you do!) but it is so good and i am pretty sure tonight is where donna martin makes her amazing return. i could not be more excited. ok, well i could. but the only way would be that if donna, kelly and brenda were all together in one place and being nice. that would be awesome!


  1. baha! yay for creepers! i love the glasses.

  2. I watch 90210 also! and i cant wait for the new housewives..it's my guilty pleasure!!

  3. Hey! I haven't watched much of the 90210...I actually forgot to, and then I never got caught up with it. Maybe I'll rent the 1st season when it comes out. Have you entered my giveaway yet? GO OVER THERE AND DO IT! lol :)

  4. dear blog friend,
    where oh where has my blogger friend gone?