June 1, 2009

game, set, match.

saturday night in la the spike tv guys choice awards took place. well, one of the greatest "guy" movies ever was inducted into the guy hall of fame, none other than fight club. now, i must say that i'm a girl, but i love fight club. it is one hell of a film. go rent it if you haven't. well, mel gibson was presenting the awar and david fincher (director), ed norton and brad pitt come up on stage to accept the award. everyone walks up and brad goes up to mel and goes, "thanks, sugar tits." best three words i have ever heard. i wish i could have seen it happen, i have no idea what this awards show is.

now if you don't get the joke please read the following: when mel gibson was arrested for dui a few years back, he was arrested by a female cop in malibu. mel, either before or after his hate-filled anti-semitic called the female police officer "sugar tits." i hope that if the officer reads about this awards show that she enjoys her day in the sun and laughs her butt off. i read it and laughed hysterically. i can imagine brad pitt walking up to mel gibson and saying it, it would be brilliant....and lord knows, mel deserves it.

i wonder if angelina had a hand in it? although, she doesn't seem like that funny of a person. brad on the other hand seems hysterical. granted i would love brad even if he had the personality of a piece of cardboard.

happy monday blog universe.