June 9, 2009

the life

my life may not be very glamorous but i have a friend who's life is. she works as an entertainment writer/reporter and she gets sent on some amazing jobs. the other night she got to cover the young hollywood awards and the one person she was dying to meet was there.....and she got to interview that person. now, she wasn't working on camera that day but that's where she ended up. and eventually, she was on e! news. she got to meet her (american) idol......adam lambert. i would have killed to have been there simply to have seen her reaction in person but this video is a pretty great substitute. enjoy it (below).....the end is priceless.

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you should also definitely check out this video that my friend at girl you so well spoken posted. i watched it this morning and almost fell over. hysterical!


  1. OMG... your friend should get you a job. You would be perfect!!!

  2. Holy Crap! That's L! :) I want her job. So fun!

  3. That is so cool, I am definitely jealous!